Saturday, January 18, 2014

Who Should Be Dr. Strange?

Word is going around that a Dr. Strange film is in the works. Of course more important than who is directing, writing, or producing it is who will be playing the lead character. Some are reporting that it may be John Hamm, which isn't the worst idea ever. It's fine. It's fine. He is funny, has a great personality, and most people man or woman wouldn't kick him out of bed. Another name being thrown around far more than I am comfortable with is Johnny Depp. This...I just can't handle seeing Depp playing Dr. Strange.

Nothing against Depp as a human, but I'm sick of him being weird. With all the stuff hes done with Tim Burton, all the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies, and that terrible Lone Ranger flick he just doesn't need to be attached to anything involving magic in any way. Years ago, because they have been talking about this film for decades now, I thought Robert Downey Jr. would be a good Dr. Strange. This was of course before he popped up in Iron Man where he was pretty damned good.

What I know of Dr. Strange is a mixture from random comic book reading, Wikipedia, and his various appearances in other mediums. Stephen Strange was a really good neurosurgeon. He was cocky as shit and didn't care about anything but living the glamorous life, Sheila E. style. One day he gets into a car accident and breaks the bones in his hands. Now he can't do his job anymore because his hands shake like my legs when I walk into church.

He tries all kinds of natural ways to get his hands working but none work. Eventually he finds this guy known as the Ancient One all the damn way in the Himalayas. After helping him fight off Baron Mordo Strange is now taught magic and is all like fuck surgery and becomes The Sorcerer Supreme.

I have come up with a few guys that I think could pull off being Dr. Strange on film. After I made the list I cracked up laughing because none of them are American. That's fine though. We're all people and people are people so why should it be you and I should get along so awfully? Yeah.

Hugh Laurie

I got into watching the series House MD late into its run. But I liked his portrayal as a cocky, grumpy, flawed human being. I know it seems pretty flagrant to have him playing a doctor again but I really do think he'd be able to pull this off. One of my main things is that I feel that whoever plays him has to be at least 35 years old. I feel that Laurie could bring a bit of class and actual seriousness to the role if they made it a straight up drama with magic.

Benedict Cumberbatch

By now you have to know who this guy is. He's been in Star Trek, Sherlock, and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug as the only interesting thing in the film. Cumberbatch would for sure be able to pull off the role of the Sorcerer Supreme with a bit less of a hard edge. Just picture him learning and using his sorcery for the first time. Even if you have doubts he could pull this role off just seeing him in that costume (but updated of course and made awesome Loki-style) would get people into theaters.

Sharlto Copley

This guy is the least known of my three choices but a good choice nonetheless. You may have seen him as a dick turned sympathetic character in District 9. A lunatic and the best thing about The A-Team. Or as a badass in Elysium. This guy is very interesting and I think he could pull off the cocky and then brought down to his knees and return as Dr. Strange. 

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