Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Review: American Gods Episode 4 "Git Gone"

American Gods “Git Gone”

Oh, American Gods, you got me good! I thought that this week, episode four “Git Gone” was the first misstep of this series and that you would have a blemish on your record. I was so damned wrong. This picked up right where the previous episode left off with Shadow Moon's dead wife sitting on the bed in his hotel room. How did she get there? What did she do? What the hell is she?! Before any of that gets answered we get taken back in time to before she even met Shadow and what kinda person she was. Turns out she was pretty damned miserable.

Laura, played by Emily Browning, as far as the series has shown was the beautiful lady of Shadow who was killed days before he was set to be released from prison. Of course he found out at her funeral that she died in an accident with the neighbors dick in her mouth. But first...she was working at a casino dealing cards and just bored with her life. She would go home and ponder suicide and tried it once by putting the lid on the hot tub and using this bug spray called Git Gone. She hopped out before she could die and went back to work. One day Shadow shows up and she sees him trying to cheat the casino and warns him to just leave. He meets up with her after work and tells her that they could work together and rob the place. Then they go home and have the sex.

They end up staying together. Shadow is working with the neighbor Robbie played by Dane Cook who works at a gym. Laura is still at the casino four years later. She lets Shadow know she is not happy and Shadow tells her he is the opposite. She says they need to rob the casino because she has a perfect plan. Next day Shadow is in prison and she is asking what went wrong. Back at home she is still working and comes home and the cat is dead. Robbie comes by and buries the cat and then buries himself in her cat. See. What. I. Did. There.

They continue their sexcapades until its almost time for Shadow to come back home. Laura lets Robbie know it has to end but before that one last blowjob in the car. Robbie crashes and they both die. Laura is in the afterlife where she comes face to face with Mr. Jacquel. She refuses to let him take her heart and weigh it against a feather. He is pissed. He shows her the hot tub with bug spray and tells her the darkness she will spend eternity in but she is yanked away by someone or something. She digs herself out of her grave and it turns out she is the one that saved Shadow that night he was being hung. She makes her way home and into the home of Robbie's wife Audrey played by Betty Gilpin. She made that scene magic and I laughed my ass off. Laura it turns out is a zombie or some shit. She is vomiting and pooping out embalming fluid and after Audrey settles down she tells her how she feels about the fact that Laura was fucking her husband. On the road they almost hit Mr. Jacquel in dog form and Mr. Ibis. They attach Laura's arm and lets her know they will have her in the end. The episode ends where the last one did with a glowing Shadow walking in to see his dead wife.

This episode was really good considering it was not heavy with who are considered the stars of the show. That is something I really like about this series. They have so many good actors and characters to work with that even when folks are missing, like that hot Black chick that eats people with her vajayjay, the show is still entertaining. If you aren't watching this show you are fucking up.

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