Monday, October 10, 2016

The Review: Westworld Pilot

Westworld Pilot 2/10

Well that was disappointing. I am fully aware that this was the pilot or first episode of Westworld on HBO but I was really hoping for the show to be more interesting than it was. This show is about a place you can visit that is full of androids that act out a wild west town. You can go there and tour, bone some robots, wreck shit, or fight for the law. Some of them start to act weird and the folks behind the scenes attempt to fix this without the visitors finding out too much about it because that would be bad for business.

So far the story is focusing on a lot of stuff at once so I have no attachment to anyone. I sure as hell don't have any to the androids in the series. They can not die. If they act weird they are removed, replaced, or erased. It doesn't feel like anything is at stake. Even when some real humans were killed by other humans who thought they were robots I didn't care because I think you're an asshole for even wanting to go to a place and shoot shit.

I think the problem I have with this show is that I can not relate to anyone so I just don't care what happens. The show looks nice, the music was pretty great, but I just don't think I will care more about this show or what happens as it goes on. The very first scene is of a nude woman sitting in a chair so that gave me an idea of where this was headed. I'll check out the second episode soon just to give it another chance but I don't have high hopes for this with me.

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