Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nothing But Gossip October 24th 2013

Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian! So soon? Bruce Jenner was not invited but did get a phone call from Kim letting him know what happened. An of course...there's controversy. Someone filmed it and released it even though everyone had to sign contracts saying they would not do so.

Lamar Odom says that he was invited to participate but had better things to do. Yeah. Like crack.

Clint Eastwood's wife Dina has filed for divorce? I blame that reality show. They have 8 kids total but just one that both of them created, you know, with their own genitals. She wants custody of their 16 year old daughter. I say have her. He's too old for that shit.

Jermaine Jackson owes $12,000 in back payments for child support for his children Jermajesty and Jaafar. I can not make these goddamn names up. So far he's paid $85. That's it. But last month he bought a $160,000 car.

Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame (if you will) got some chick knocked up in Vegas. The chick, Amanda Markert, saved the texts where he offered to pay for her to have an abortion. Obviously, she didn't but kept the money. Bitch. He is fighting for custody of the child where in Vegas they lean more towards fathers having a part in the child's life. Isn't that weird? A father being involved in the life of their child. That's so 1950.

Gwen Stefani is expecting another child. She is 44. This is what she looks like.

Dolly Parton was in a car accident but saved by her air bags. And by air bags I mean her giant breasts. And by giant breasts I mean...

Ceelo was booked for giving a chick ecstasy and having his way with her. He pled not guilty because, well, that's what folks do. He was in and out (jail and probably this poor woman) in less than half an hour. It shows that his height is 5'7” and he weights 260 pounds. Damn, Gina!!!

How could you not wanna bang this guy?!

Finally some Lindsay Lohan news! There is a picture that shows what appears to be her reaching for a bottle of booze. What kinda assholes is she hanging with that would even drink around her?! I mean, if you know her history its not safe to even have a Zima around her. Oh, she's being sued for that car wreck where cops found pills and she reeked of alcohol.

By the way her mother Dina Lohan was busted for drunk driving blowing a .20 and says that the reason she decided to get loaded was because photographers were hounding her. Yeah. Give 'em what they want! Jackass. That's like me bugging a girl long enough and her finally going “Fine! Put it in my ass!” That analogy made no sense but will send me to sleep with a smile on my face.

The Entourage film will be happening. Now if they can finally get started on that Small Wonder remake I've been bitching about.

Justin Bieber was photographed holding a beer at a bar in Houston. No, he is not 21 and should not be drinking. Hey! I didn't make the rules!

Venus Williams bought her mom a house. Not really interesting but it gives me a reason to post an image of her sister Serena!

Heidi Fleiss was arrested for driving at 3:30 in the morning in Vegas high as butterfly pussy. She is scheduled to head to court anyway for those 400 pot plants they found in her home a few months back.

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