Saturday, October 26, 2013

Demand It!: Big Ass Spider

I heard about this movie On Demand and in theaters called Big Ass Spider. The title alone meant that I had to see this especially since it was about stupid nature getting shot at. I'm not a fan of wild things (Dante Vs Nature) and this movie is full of it. Well, one big ass spider. It wouldn't be fair to call this a B-movie because the story is actually as good as any big budget action film that gets cranked out and yawned at by me. This movie had me laughing and cheering at my screen which is totally normal when you live alone.

Greg Grunberg who you may know from Felicity or Heroes plays Alex Mathis who works for Western Exterminators. Not sure if this company is in other parts of the country but here in Los Angeles you see their trucks quite often. Alex loves his job and on his day off goes to catch something an old lady trapped. A brown recluse (which is also my stripper name) climbs on him and she smacks it into his arm stinging him. He ends up at the hospital and a body is brought in. A spider climbs out of the body and attacks the mortician freaking everyone out.

The military shows up because the corpse shouldn't have been taken there in the first damn place. Meanwhile Alex and his new friend/partner Jose, a Mexican security guard at the hospital who is funny as fuck go searching for the spider who grows after killing each victim which turns out to be a shit ton. The spider gets so damned big that it is now a big ass spider! Of course there's a scientist that knows all about it and is super foreboding and warns that it is close to stage five which means its gonna start pumping out babies.

This was a really fun movie in the vein of Hell Baby. It is fun to watch and has some parts that had me cracking up like the news report where all these crazy ass Black people are giving their versions of what they saw. If yo have 85 minutes to pare and like funny and silly ass films check this out.

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