Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Review: Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

I finally checked out the 1978 movie Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. I had heard of this and other versions for years but never had a desire to really check it out until talking about horror films and such at work. I even had it bookmarked from months ago after someone else mentioned it. All I knew about it was pod people, creepy Sutherland face, and strange music. Turns out it was a really good film that had strange music, odd camera angles, and actors making me want to slap them for making bad decisions that ultimately led to a lot of deaths.

Some juicy spores come from space and land on plants which people immediately walk around picking up and sniffing. This lady Elizabeth Driscoll played by Brooke Adams brings one home and her boyfriend that is watching TV with headphones because the 70's ends up smelling it as well. Next thing you know he is acting distant, working too much, and not talking to her. He's pretty much being a husband. She knows something is up but isn't quite sure because Ashley Madison doesn't exist yet so it cant be that.

Meanwhile health inspector Matthew Bennell played by Donald Sutherland is picking up rat turds in restaurants and meets with Elizabeth at a gathering for a psychiatrist named Dr. David Kibner played by Leonard Nemoy. He tries to convince her that her boyfriend is fine and that she is afraid of the relationship continuing. He says he has had a lot of patients recently say that their loved ones and others are not themselves. Jeff Goldblum is also there is full Goldblum Mode just spazzing and tweaking his ass off. He and his wife run a bathhouse where they end up finding this in the room.

Fuck every inch of that. They try contacting the police but everyone either thinks they are crazy or just act shady as hell. Turns out those plants are making pod people and when you go to sleep they grow. Now the mission is to stay awake and leave the city. This is where you insert people being loud when they shouldn't, not saying “Its me!” and choosing to be quiet, and wearing heels to run in insuring that an ankle will be twisted. Then this happens and I shit myself, cried, threw up, prayed, and did cartwheels wearing roller skates.

This was a really entertaining movie and I'm kinda glad that it has taken me this long to watch classic films because they are brand new to me. I know there are hundreds of movies people grew up watching that I missed out on because I was watching B-movies, horror, and folks fucking when I shouldn't have.

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