Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stop It Azealia Banks

Do you know rapper Azealia Banks? Most people don't. They probably think she is some sort of activist or something that just randomly pops up in the news upset or crying about something. I never knew she existed until one day H. showed me a music video for the song 212. I liked the beat, the lyrics, and the way Banks was built. Seriously. This girl is cute as fuck. But...she needs to stop it. I want to like her more for her music than her smooth skin, crazy eyes that scream no second date, legs that look like they taste like a Skor bar, and ability to look like she got attacked by the wind and survived on gut instincts. But the shit that comes out of her mouth makes her seem like an ugly person. There's nothing worse when a hot chick adopts ugly privileges.

Pewn pewn pewn pewn!

She is currently being talked about not for a new song or anything but because she flipped out on a Delta Airlines flight that just landed here in Los Angeles. It is being reported by passengers that she tried to squeeze by others to get off the plane faster when a French dude got in her way. She then spit in his face, clawed at his shirt, and punched him because he had a French accent and she figured no physical retribution would take place. A flight attendant tried to help and got called a “fucking faggot” for his efforts. She was told cops were on the way and she boogied because in L.A when you hear that it translate to “death is coming.” They caught up to her in baggage claim but as of right now no charges have been filed. Here's footage of her trying to escape.

When people got upset with her for saying “faggot” she said online “I am bisexual. my brother is trans. My employees are all gay men. Nothing else to say.” In the past as a response to an article she said “and even if i am a wat? i still make more $ than you...still have an extra hole...and still own everything.” Extra hole? 

Just because you are or identify with a particular group of humans does not mean you get to own one of the worse things they can be called and use it like a Pokemon card when needed. “I choose you Black Bisexual!” I recently found out that my great grandfather was fathered by a White slave owner. Doesn't mean I get to slide into a group of White folks and start high-fiving them like I'm a member of the fraternity.

She has had issues with other performers like Kendrick Lamar, Lil Kim, Rita Ora, Lady Gaga, Lily Allen, Nicki Minaj, and most famously Iggy Azalea for some lyrics in a song in which she said “runaway slave master.” People didn't really care because Iggy has a huge ass and comes from the worlds most dangerous country, Australia. She went full Alpa Chino like “You're Australian. Be Australian!” Meanwhile Iggy is fucking an NBA star and very famous while Banks is doing Playboy spreads no one cared about. Oh, you didn't know? Your ass better call somebodaaaaaaay!

What we have is a rapper that has actual skill upset at a rapper that is pretending to be a rapper that has no actual skill but trying to use a Fast Pass to catch up or get by. There's no need for that. Rap today is a mess anyway. Just be good and no matter what you sell you will be respected. I know you can't buy a lot of shit with respect but I would rather be known 20 years from now for a rapper that didn't get their just due than for a body part. Banks needs to just stay off the internet for a bit, have someone tell her to focus on making shit no one expects that is amazing, and stop changing the way she looks so much. People like familiarity.

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