Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Review: Bernie

This will have spoilers. I watched this movie from a few years back called Bernie after Cam suggested it. I had never heard of this movie or the true story it was based off of. It stars Jack Black as Bernie Tiede. He is a funeral director that ends up being the partner of this 81 year old woman and the next thing you know her ass is shot dead in the garage and she is tossed in the freezer. The problem is...if this guy goes to trial he will get off because the town loves him so damned much!

Bernie comes into this small town in Texas where he quickly makes the place nicer. Everyone wants to be friends with him and he helps everyone out. He meets this new widow named Marjorie Nugent that everyone hates. He keeps working on her until they become friends and possibly lovers. No one is quite sure. Over time she takes over his life and belittles him until eventually she ends up under some corn and pot pies in the freezer.

This movie was so good. They used some real townspeople used in the movie during interview segments so it gave it a real documentary type feeling. These weren't actors talking trash about this poor old lady that was murdered. They were real people and till this day they still think that Bernie is innocent even after admitting that he shot this woman in cold blood. If you get the chance to, check this movie out. Its definitely worth watching.

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