Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Review: Olympus

One day while trolling Amazon I stumbled across this show called Olympus. Its a show made in Canada that is about this guy called Hero that is trying to rid himself of a curse. This will have spoilers by the way. Tom York stars as Hero. The show starts off with him tied to a device by a cyclops with his feet painted blue and about to be killed. He gets free and rescues these three oracles. One of them turns out to be who he is looking for, the Oracle of Gaia played by Sonya Cassidy. This review is gonna be all over the place.

Hero has this thing where he will not kill anyone. He knows nothing about his family other than his mother who was killed when he was young trying to protect him from some assassins that wanted what is inside him called the Lexicon. They come across Daedalus, Icarus' father, who is more science based than following a belief in the gods. They end up in this kingdom where this crazy ass father and daughter are together. The daughter played by Sophia Lauchlin Hirt is hot and crazy as all hell. She wants Hero and will do anything and kill anyone to have him.

In another kingdom there is Queen Medea played by Sonita Henry. She is called a witch by everyone. There is her husband King Aegeus who is a damned madman. Turns out that he is Hero's father! He has a son named Lykos played by Wayne Burns who is good and smart but the king thinks he is a jester and barely acknowledges his existence. The people I have mentioned are the main cast pretty much. They play well off of each other and have good chemistry.

That being said...the special effects are pretty bad. Not all of them. I'm not sure about the budget of this show and all of that but sometimes the effects are so bad its distracting. There seems to hardly be any sets except for small room scenes. The monsters look rather bad so its super important that the people playing them act so damned well that I forget about it. Don't let that make you not watch this though. Its a fun series. Imagine a more tame Game Of Thrones mixed with some Hercules.

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