Monday, December 7, 2015

The Adult Film/Wrestling Connection

Call me crazy, but there has always been a connection between the way porn actresses look at a particular time and female wrestlers. For anyone that doesn't know, I worked at a porn shop for seven years. Seven long, insane, disgusting years. I have also watched wrestling for 33 years. The image in the banner by the way is Chyna. I used her image because honestly that shit is crazy. That is the same human being. She showed up jacked to the moon, trimmed down, did Playboy, and is now...around.

I am going to use some examples from porn actresses and female wrestlers to show you how I have always seen this strange connection. Who knows? For any aspiring porn stars and wrestlers you can even use this to see what look you should be going for by watching one or the other. Hell, Chyna made the transition from wrestler to porn actress!

The 80's: Nina Hartley & Wendi Richter

Nothing crazy to see here, folks. These ladies are full blown 80's. On the left is Nina Hartley who till this day still does porn and has an ass better than women half her age. She was in the second real porn I'd ever seen so don't think that shit didn't leave an imprint on my brain. On the right is former champion Wendi Richter doing her best Misfits from Jem & The Holograms impersonation. They had the big hair and fit 80's style bodies. Today that body type is considered average which is terrifying and why I am glad I'm not a girl. Well, that and the fact that most men look like hairy hobos these days. So crazy hair, nice bodies, and being able to do something other women couldn't at the time. Like butt sex and wrestling well.

The 90's: Jenna Jameson & Sunny

Here come the bimbos! I'm kidding but totally not. The 90's were a strange time for women since Pamela Anderson was the shit every woman wanted to be. That meant bigger boobs and bigger blond hair. Black women were just assed out. On the left is Jenna Jameson. She's done a lot of porn and got famous to the point she was known in the mainstream. On the right is Sunny aka Tammy Sytch. She is currently a hot mess. Actually both of them are. Their lives seemed to take a strange turn somewhere that involved drinking, drugs, and lots of arrests. You can even Skype with Sunny! But sadly its 2015 Sunny and 2015 Sunny is not a Sunny day you want to experience. Bodies were starting to get a bit harder since being in shape was becoming a real thing that would ruin the world for skinny fat guys like me.

The Early 2000's: Aurora Snow & Trish Stratus

This was a period where women looked one way but behaved and did things like another. For example, that is probably the most sexified picture I could find of Aurora Snow on the left. She looks innocent as all hell usually but does shit that would make even the most supportive of parents openly weep. On the right is Trish Stratus. When she first started wrestling she was gar-bahj as they say in France. But over time she became one of the best female wrestlers of all time. The blond hair thing was still around as well as the big breasts but it seemed like reality had leveled out and things were gonna stay calm for a bit.

The Mid 2000's: Sasha Grey & Lita

This is what I refer to as the Bitchy Period. Guys were really into chicks that looked like they had attitude problems. Did they actually have them? I don't fucking know. I've never met these women. But there was a certain look some chicks could get just by altering their damned eye makeup. The blonds were finally starting to fade away leading to dark haired chicks with tattoos stepping into the spotlight. Even the blonds started getting tattoos before realizing Pamela had already done that. I've never been a big fan of Sasha Grey and knew her from outside of porn before knowing she did it. Lita was always a good wrestler and just got better over time. Sadly she became even more well known for her infidelity outside of the ring by cheating on one wrestler with another.

The Late 2000's: Skin Diamond & Havok

What the fuck have we done? The period between about 2009 through 2014 saw the rise of a lot of changes physically in porn. There used to be a few chicks that were covered in tattoos and piercings. It was a style and they stayed within their fetish. But not Skin Diamond. I saw her in some music video or something before knowing she did porn. She does shit so nasty you can actually hear the spirits of her ancestors moaning with sadness. But its cool because she is hot. Not many women can pull this look off. On the right is Havok. I can't tell you much about her because she looks a hot mess. Suddenly wrestling was full of women that looked like they belonged in Thunderdome. Spikes, tattoos, weird ass hair styles, and attitude problems. This of course has bled over into the regular world. Its rare to find a chick under 40 with no tattoos or piercings.

Present Day: Anikka Albrite & Bayley

We have come full circle. I honestly have no idea who Anikka Albrite is. She was listed as the top female porn actress for 2015 so I used her. I wanted to see what was popular right now and she is it (her profile says she double majored in business and molecular biology as well as worked as a lab technician). She looks pretty normal which is surprising considering what has been the last few years. No piercings, no tattoos, no bald patches shaved into her damned skull. On the right is Bayley. I fucking love this wrestler and I can't explain why. Maybe because she appears so normal. There's no scandals. She doesn't pose in bathing suits. Even her wrestling attire looks like something you'd wear to a costume party and she never has her hair down like in this image. Will plain be the new extreme? 

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