Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Review: Game Of Thrones Season 6 Finale

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Finale 9/10

This will have all kinds of spoilers. I am still not used to having to wait to watch shows. I either watch shows well after they have ended of binge watch them from Netflix. I'm a spoiled little bitch. So waiting every week for this last season of Game Of Thrones was torture. Not likely sexually assaulted by a Frankenstein like knight that is 8 feet tall and brought back from the dead torture but still. It was rough. Like most seasons of GOT the episodes start off slow and then all of a sudden they just kick you in your dick parts.

This season had a lot to cover but I will focus mostly on episode ten The Winds of Winter. In this we find out who Jon Snow's mother really is and I was satisfied with the answer. I have never read the books and likely never will so I'm not sure if fans of those are upset or not. To me it made perfect sense. Its told through a flashback so I doubt anyone will know the truth of it. I just don't like that Bran is the one to figure this out because I so didn't miss him during season five. Jon is made king during a great scene with Lyanna Mormont played by Bella Ramsey.

This girl calls out every house present that had pledged some allegiance to the Stark family and when shit got hairy they didn't help. She guilts them all into working with Jon. Littlefinger who still wants a slice of Sansa is pissed during this whole affair because he still thinks he should be with her and ruling especially after that crazy ass battle in the previous episode. Just when Jon was getting slaughtered he managed to send some help and turned the tides of the battle which was a battle that Sansa warned Jon about going into because she knew what a shit Ramsay is. One dead Rickon Stark and a giant later she watches as Ramsay is eating alive by his own dogs. It was horribly great.

Then we got Daenerys and Tyrion and their crazy shit happening. She left for a bit and Tyrion made a deal with the devil that ended up getting the city attacked. Just when it seemed that all was lost here comes Daenerys on her dragon fresh from getting captured but then burning a shit ton of Dothraki assholes and taking over thousands of them convincing them that going overseas is a good idea. Those guys don't do that. Ever. She and her crew end up heading towards Westeros with a bunch of ships and three dragons. People are gonna have a hell of a battle on their hands when she arrives.

Arya has become a killing machine after being blinded, becoming a beggar, having a hit placed on her, hooking up with some acting troupe, and finally killing that punkass woman-child she gets revenge for her family by slicing the throat of Walder Frey. He is the asshole that threw the Red Wedding. Before she revealed who she was she made sure that he saw the toe pie she made with bits of his kids in it. Oh, and her buddy The Hound is still alive! I almost forgot to mention that. He is alive and I'm not sure what he is planning to die but I imagine there will be a lot of killing involved.

And now Cersei. Shit. While her brother Jaime is off doing work she has been being treated like shit by the High Sparrow and his people. They have control of her son. All she has is her monster The Mountain in zombie form and the wizard that brought him back. She is expected to be at a trial and doesn't show up because fuck that, am I right? Margaery is like “She know what would happen if she didn't come and she didn't come so something is up so we need to bounce. Like now!” They don't and this happens.

Cersei is just chilling back at home drinking her wine. Turns out she had a stockpile of Wildfire and had it all set to go off underneath the court. I thought that I would be just the one building blown up but no. 

It was a huge chunk of the kingdom taken out by the explosion. Her son Tommen, the bitch king, was like “Whelp, I'm out” and just moseys on ever to the window and falls out. The Mountain kept him from attending the court hearing earlier and when an eight foot zombie tells you to stay put without using words you kind of have to listen.

This season was really good. I felt that it was moving too slowly for the first four episodes but shut my damned mouth afterward because the show wouldn't stop after that. I mean every damned episode after was just folks being cut in half, huge battles, and alliances being formed that I never expected. A lot of people I know have started watching this season after hearing so many people talk about it. When I'm at work I have to check the room to make sure everyone is caught up and have even gotten up and left the room ton discuss the previous episode with coworkers. I'll leave you all with the saddest scene from the season. Enjoy.

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Zach Murphy said...

Such a great season! It's gonna be tough waiting another year for the next one.

- Zach (

Dante said...

I was telling people that I could do maybe two more seasons of this before getting tired. I would love a definite ending. If they make a full season as good as the last six I'll cheer every single week.