Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Review: The Purge Anarchy

The Purge Anarchy 5/10

I finally got around to watching the 2014 movie The Purge: Anarchy after seeing the trailer for the upcoming one. I'd see The Purge years ago and thought it was a great premise executed badly and I pretty much feel the same regarding this one. In the first I hated the family that was the main focus so I didn't care what happened to them. In this one its more people that I don't care for. I wish they had made the rebellion the focus. They seem way more interesting.

People start getting ready to Purge by gathering weapons or ready to hide at home. They wait for the last second which is stupid because its not like this event is a surprise. Its every fucking year on the same day and same time. March 21st at 7pm till Match 22nd at 7am. You get to kill anyone you want. There is a group against the Purge which thinks its just a way to kill poor people. A hot waitress (by the way, I am not giving anyone in this real names because I don't care) is taking her time getting home to her cute sister and dying dad. On the way everyone wants to protect her during Purge. And by protect I mean fuck. She gets home, fights with dad who sacrifices himself to rich people that wanna kill, and she and her sister survive an attack from a neighbor just to be kidnapped by a militant group.

Annoying husband and annoying wife are divorcing. Their fuel line in their car is cut and they run from a gang that looks cool as hell in their masks and face paint. Meanwhile angry cop dad with dead son wants revenge for his dead son and plans to get his Purge on the guy that killed him. Annoying couple ends up meeting with the sisters and angry cop and they have exciting adventures in screaming, being helpless, and pretending that this Purge is a brand new thing they don't know the reason for. There's also this other guy riding around in a murder van with his murder squad and people being gathered for more rich folk murder auctions.

None of this was as interesting as it should have been. I'd like to see this movie take a super personal good story (like the woman suddenly killing her sister because she fucked her husband) or a massive scale showing the world's opinion of this. They keep it in this weird middle ground where I can't attach or relate to any of the main characters so when people are chased or killed I just don't care. It also doesn't help that most of the characters have that new thing in movies where they are annoying or assholes so when they die I cheer. I'll check out the new Purge in a couple years.

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