Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Review: Preacher Episode 2

Preacher 5/10

I got to watch episode two of Preacher. You wanna check out my review of episode one click here. This show is continuing to make Jesse the least interesting character in the series and it really can't afford to be this way when there are so many other shows to watch. I get that its early in the season, but come on. I'm not upset that its so different than the comic book but it is doing what I was afraid of and taking place in one town so far. It starts off with a cowboy in the late 1800's leaving home. He bumps into Tobias Beecher from Oz and his son. They are chatty as the cowboy says nothing and the next day sees a bunch of dead Native Americans scalped and hung. I know where this is going but it may be too early in the season for people that don't to be showing what seems so out of place and random.

Meanwhile Jesse is baptizing church members and Tulip shows up to get some Jesus love and say nasty shit. She wants Jesse to do a job with her and he doesn't wanna. We get a bit of Cassidy and Arseface together which I liked. This guy named Linus confesses to Jesse that he wants to do something to a girl he drives as a school bus driver and is confident in this secret because Jesse can't tell anyone. People use him as a way to talk about horrible shit because he can't tell cops. Jackie Earle Haley plays a guy named Odin Quincannon that buys a home from a couple and begin tearing it apart and his son that had his arm broken by Jesse last episode looking foolish and taking it out on an employee.

Jesse has his steering wheel stolen by Tulip and he later arrives at church and gets into an argument with Cassidy who gives him his life story but it sounds fake because he is a vampire. Jesse gets drunk off of a drink that is too strong for humans. Two guys show up to try and kill Jesse cut cutting him with a chainsaw while singing and playing weird music. Cassidy shows up thinking they are vampire hunters and kills them in a brutal fight. Again, Cassidy has all the interesting scenes. Cassidy cleans up the mess but can't take it outside because the sun is now up. Later Jesse is tasered and locked up by someone in a mask that turns out to be Tulip. Oh, and Jesse found the kid wanter bus driver and baptized him in hot bath water and used his power to make him forget the girl he wanted exists. He also decides to try his power on a girl in a coma and the two dead guys are still alive.

There is way too much shit happening in this series so far. I would love if they made Jesse more interesting and Tulip less annoying and focused on Jesse's powers. There are too many groups doing hunting with no clear reasons why and I'm not sure I want to stick around long enough to find out. I give this show two more episodes before I check out and just read recaps online and watch an episode that sounds interesting. This cast has too many good actors and a good look to be this not good.

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