Friday, November 18, 2016

The Review: Casablanca


I'm not gonna rate this movie because that would be ridiculous. That would be like watching Goodfellas again and going “10/10!” Some movies are just amazing or classic that there's no reason to slap a number on it. Casablanca is one of those movies. I had never seen this before. I know that is shocking to some people but I grew up on a steady diet of B-movies and shit I shouldn't have been allowed to watch. All's I knew about this movie was something about “play it again, Sam” and that there was an airplane at the end. That's about it. Had no idea it took place most at one location of that ze Germans were involved in any way. Seriously. I would have said the movie was about some detective helping some lady back in the day.

This movie takes place in 1941 and is about a guy named Rick Blaine played by Humphrey Bogart that runs a place called Rick's CafĂ© AmĂ©ricain. Its like a baby Las Vegas where people come to have fun. One day his former lady he hasn't seen in years and disappeared right before shit hit the fan in Paris named Ilsa Lung played by Ingrid Bergman shows up and he is in full on “Get the fuck outta here!” mode. She reveals that she was married when she was with him back in the day and she and her husband need to get to America before all hell breaks loose. I know I am late but if you haven't seen this movie you should check it out. All three of you that haven't. Oh, and its not even long. I thought it was gonna be three hours but it was about 90 minutes.

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