Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Review: Lucifer Season 2 (I Quit)

With the way TV is set up today with so many good shows (like Goliath on Amazon which I'll be writing about soon) or suggestions from friends and coworkers I no longer feel the need to force myself to power on through a series even though I don't like it the way I did with Stranger Things. That show stunk. Millions loved it, I could not stand that show. Westworld can keep its fan. The pilot was enough for me. With Lucifer on Fox I tapped out after four episodes into season two. I just can not keep watching a show where every episode feels the same with no forward momentum. And when there is its not surprising. Its more like “About time that happened.” I can see this series going one or two more seasons, not watching, jumping back in, and its right in the same spot except maybe Lucifer played by Tom Ellis is dating the lady cop and madness ensues!

I liked the first season fine and chalked my issues with it up to growing pains. But after watching a few episodes of this second season and I realized that there is no need for me to keep on watching this series even though I thoroughly have crushes on Maze and Ella. Bringing in Ella played by Aimee Garcia to the cast was a good idea but should have been done the first season because, oh, now it seems that they need someone in forensics to help in cases! Before it would be Lucifer and Decker showing up to a crime, interviewing people (one would always be the killer), some flirting at some point, therapy visit, crime solved. That is still the case but now they stop by the lab for some humor and actual examining of bodies.

Maze played by Lesley-Ann Brandt is still good but she is being given shit to work with. They are rushing her character growth to the point where it seems she isn't even the same person. She will have moments of what made her cool but for the most part I see them slowly turning her into what most of the women on this show are: damaged chicks that don't want to admit that they need a strong man to help them out. The episode where all the female characters hung out to get drunk and fight showed that very clearly. Yeah, they tossed in a fight scene but that was mostly all Maze. Who is hot.

Y'all can keep watching this series. As for me, I'm done. Like I said, there are far too many good shows on Amazon, Netflix, or wherever to spend time on a show that is spinning its wheels.

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