Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Review: Predator 2

Predator 2 – 7/10

Oh, so much cheese! A few people at work had mentioned Predator 2 and all I could recall about the movie was that at some point the monster fights a dude with dreads. While watching I realized that I had not seen this movie before or maybe it was on and I saw a few moments from it because when watching I had no idea what the plot was or who was in it. Danny Glover stars in this as a cop that would be fired immediately if this were real because he doesn't listen to shit anyone tells him and just happens to survive. He does. Most folks around him end up carved into pieces and left hanging like me when I plan dates.

This movie was made in 1990 but is supposed to take place in the future world of...1997. Jamaicans and Colombians gangs are running loose in Los Angeles! If you live in LA that shit is hilarious. News reporters are on the scene and I mean literally on the scene. They are dodging bullets while reporting. Glover shows up and in the battle ends up crossing paths with the Predator. He thinks he sees something but may just be exhausted. Take the shot, I say! He don't. People die.

Meanwhile there is a team that knows about the creature and is hunting his ass down. This version has better weapons than in the first movie but somehow the effects look cheaper. Its weird because this came out three years after the first movie and most everyone from that cast said nope to coming back. Because they were killed in the first movie. Spoilers. This Predator has a hard-on for Glover even though everyone and their mama has a gun. I'm serious. There is a scene where Bill Paxton decides to fight this thing in the subway and the creature attacked because everyone had a weapon. I guess if you slap box it chances are he won't filet your ass.

Cops don't know who is killing these gang members and then citizens. They think its an assassin which is stupid. That dude with the dreads I mentioned thinks its a magical being. Oh, and that fight I mentioned was more of a guy screams at Predator, runs at Predator, gets beheaded immediately by Predator fight. I laughed my ass off. This was a fun movie to watch on a beautiful Thanksgiving day. There are oddly placed scenes with humor because Hollywood hadn't let go of that 80's shit yet. You should still check this out to see an old looking Danny Glover when he is not old yet fighting a monster that an elite squad couldn't beat together in a previous film. Bunch of slack jawed...

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