Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Review: Stranger Things

Stranger Things 3/10

Spoilers ahead. I finally forced myself to finish watching the new Netflix series Stranger Things. Yeah. You see where this is headed. I heard about how good this show was and the trailer was pretty cool looking. Everyone was talking about this show and I figured I'd check it out. I started a week ago and after five episodes had to take a break because I was just not enjoying it. I finished it today and had the same feeling I did throughout the season.

This takes place in late 1983 in Hawkins, Indiana. A boy vanishes and his three friends try to find him. A bald girl with powers shows up to help out. The missing boys mother acts frantic 24/7 even before the boy vanishes. A cop with a dead daughter is helping to find the missing boy. The three boys are annoying as hell and came across as kids playing adults pretending to be kids. There was not a moment where I didn't feel like I was watching a TV show. I couldn't get lost in this. I never felt like there was real danger. Even when the evil government people show up to get the girl back so she can play with the monster from another dimension I didn't care. If you are gonna bite from so many 80's films why would they use a CGI monster that is obviously early 2000's and has been run into the ground? How about using practical effects for the monster?

People are praising this for the look, music, and how scary it is. The look seemed like shit I'd seen before. The music was...there. It didn't blow my skirt up or anything. And this was not scary for a moment. Not one scene made me nervous. One good thing I was say about this show is the actress Millie Bobby Brown. She was good but it seemed like she was working with a weak ass script. If you want to see an actual scary, entertaining, pretty damned perfect series find Fortitude. This series was not strong in any area for me and I could not begin to suggest someone watch it. This could have been an 80 minute okay movie.

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