Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ross Radio Quickie Show 17

About a week ago while listening to Howard Stern he had Neil Young as a guest. During the interview he mentioned that he was once in a band with a young Rick James who went to Canada to avoid the draft. Together with other musicians they formed a band called The Mynah Birds. I never knew this ever happened and decided to check out their songs. Here are a few for you all to listen to. I've Got You In My Soul, I'll Wait Forever, Go On And Cry, and It's My Time. Click here for this and previous Ross Radio Quickie Shows

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Babbling Old Man: Justice League Pilot (1997)

I made the mistakes of trying to watch the Justice League America TV pilot that I didn't know even existed from back in 1997. Wow, this was only about 24 minutes long and I made it ten minutes in before quitting and forcing myself to last past the first five. This was so bad but not the good kinda bad where it turns good. This was just bad and everyone involved needs to be ashamed of themselves.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Milk Duds Popcorn And Coke Episode 3

This week I cover the Top 12 at the box office, complain about Hunger Game: The Mockingjay Part 1 and how Katniss is a bad role model for girls, The Judge movie review, and what is coming to theaters this weekend that you should ignore. Click here for this and previous Milk Duds Popcorn & Coke

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Theater Whore: The Judge

The Judge 5/10

Oh, The Judge could've been so damned good. I'm talking about everyone talking about it, award talk, and seeing it a few times in the theater. But there was something missing from this. I have a few ideas of what they could have done to make this better. This stars Robert Downey Jr. as Hank Palmer. He is a good lawyer but having hard times with his personal life. He and his wife are in the process of divorcing and he finds out that his mother just died. By the way, the only reason any family gets together is because a parent dies.

Hank heads to his old town that he hasn't been to in twenty years to attend the funeral. He sees his brothers Glen played by Vincent D'Onofrio and Dale played by Jeremy Strong. He also reluctantly talks to his father Judge Joseph Palmer played by Robert Duvall. You can tell immediately that they do not get along and haven't spoken in all the twenty years Hank was gone.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Theater Whore: Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler 5/10

Finally got a chance to check out Nightcrawler starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou Bloom. This movie was not what I was expecting not in a good way. It is about a crazy ass guy that after being outed as a thief he discovers that he is interested in racing to crime scenes to film footage and turning it in to news stations for money. Another guy who has been doing it for a while gives him some tips so he gets a police scanner and starts chasing action when it happens.

A news station is happy with the stuff he gets. He hires an assistant named Rick and gets to scenes sometimes just as the police do and even before in some cases. His stuff gets ratings and he is insane so it works out for everyone. His assistant knows that the stuff they do is wrong but Lou talks him out of quitting or stopping each time.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kinky Boots At The Pantages Theater

Last week Cam and I went to see Kinky Boots at the Pantages Theater. It is an amazing show about a kid named Charlie Price played by Steven Booth. After his father, the owner of the family business Price and Son, passes away after Charlie moves to London with his fiancee he reluctantly takes over the business. Mixed into this tale is the story of a young boy playing in high heels before his father screams at him to stop.

As Charlie tries to figure out how to keep the business afloat and pay the employees he attempts to stop a fight between two men and a “lady.” Charlie is knocked out and the lady is a drag queen named Lola played by Kyle Taylor Parker. Okay. This man can sing his ass off. Everyone involved was good but I'll be damned if I didn't clap like crazy after every song featuring Lola that much harder. Lola tells Charlie that she broke her heel on his head and Charlie mentions that he owns a shoe company. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Milk Duds Popcorn And Coke Episode 2

This week I cover the surprising Top 12 at the box office, movie reviews for The AbsentSaint Laurent, Kinky Boots at Pantages Theater, talk trash about Wolves and question Jason Mamoa's talent as an actor, and new releases later this week. Click here for this an previous Milk Duds Popcorn And Coke.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Theater Whore: Wolves

Wolves 3/10

I heard about this movie Wolves and decided to check it out because I have a lot of free time and I like werewolves. This is the story of a guy that ends up wolfing up during a high school football game and beating the hell out of another player. After attempting to rape his girlfriend because his wolf sperm is out of control he wakes up back at home with his parents murdered. He bones out and ends up on the run with his cool motorcycle and nothing else.

'Cause he's a cool guy.

He ends up in a small town where half the town is bad werewolves and the other half just kinda wanna be left alone. He crosses paths with the worst bad one, played by Jason Momoa, who of course is supposed to bone the hot chick that he likes. He finds out some dirty secrets and ends up battling all the bad guys for her affection...and the chance to put a wolf baby up in her.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nothing But Gossip November 13th 2014

Matt Lauer interviewed Ray Rice's wife that he beat up, Janay Rice. I'm sure she will just talk about how great he really is and it was just the alcohol.

Kim Kardashian posed nude and everyone went crazy...except for me. Mostly because I'm a Khloe man and have seen Kim's porno and was not close to impressed. Also, she is annoying. Have you ever heard an interview with her? Ugh. Its the worse. Chelsea Handler then posted an image of her ass but I don't care. Not an inch of me finds that woman attractive.

Paris Hilton won an DJ award in Paris for best female DJ which obviously means that there are no other female DJ's.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Theater Whore: The Absent and Saint Laurent

The Absent 0/10

This is something I never thought I would do even when I wanted to. Today during the AFI film festival Koko and I saw this movie called The Absent. Actually, we watched a series of clips of an old man and a younger version of himself cooking, staring at stuff, stuff staring back, and lots of shots of nothing. Just...nothing. She and many others in the theater fell asleep. 

I refuse to pretend that this is a movie and that I don't “get it.” This is not a movie. Koko mentioned that it is a pretty film as well as reviews of it. I'm not gonna be guilted or tricked into liking this bullshit. Boo this film! I loved the audiences reaction when it ended. There was a collective “What...?!” Oh, and the scene where he was cooking and this loud music starts playing for absolutely no reason. None! We fought to keep our laughter in. Still, I would not recommend anyone see this.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Milk Duds Popcorn And Coke Episode 1

In this debut episode of Milk Duds Popcorn And Coke (or MPC) which replaces The Rant Zone I talk about the top 12 films at the box office, movie reviews, wonder how Ouija is number one, TV shows I'm watching, and the upcoming DC and Marvel wave of films. Click here to download this episode and share it with someone you hate.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Who Should Be The Joker?

Ryan Gosling as The Joker?! Shut up and take my money! Well, that was being reported but then shut down because he didn't want to commit to the amount of films required. I previously wrote a blog about who the best Joker was (click here to read that). Later I wrote a Who Should Be? featuring some actors that I almost wanted to use for this. That time it was for Dr. Strange and it looks like one of the people I picked, Benedict Cumberbatch, will play him...possibly maybe.

Jared Leto is the next name being tossed out to play Joker in the Suicide Squad movie. I'm not sure how it will tie into the upcoming DC films. That is a lot of characters to introduce but if they do it anything like the animated version, Batman Assault On Arkham, which did a great job of showcasing the characters.

Joker is one of if not the most well known villains in comic books, cartoons, and movies. He is never played the same and anyone that would try to do what Heath Ledger did would be a bad idea. He didn't copy Jack Nicholson just as Nicholson didn't copy Cesar Romero.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Theater Whore: John Wick

John Wick 7/10

This was surprisingly cool. Besides that catching me off guard was how huge this cast was. It was like everyone from your favorite cable shows were hired. I'm gonna just list everyone here to show you. Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen, Willem Dafoe, Dean Winters, Adrianne Palicki (ugh), Bridget Moynahan, John Leguizamo, Ian McShane, Lance Reddick, David Patrick Kelly, Clarke Peters, and wrestler Kevin Nash. That is a fuck ton of people! Also, if you want to solidify someone as a bad guy, just have them murder a puppy.

This movie has a very basic premise of revenge and I liked that. Reeves stars as John Wick who is a hitman that is out of the game. His wife dies of cancer and while at home being sad he gets a gift from her of a small hound dog. The dog is named Daisy and he is living his normal old life with her until one day at the gas station he comes across the skeevy looking guy that asks John how much he wants for his car and insults his dog.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Theater Whore: Horns

Horns 7/10

Oh, how a trailer can ruin a good movie! This movie Horns is one of the strangest and fun movies I've seen this year and if it weren't for an interview with the star Daniel Radcliffe I heard last week I wouldn't have known this movie even existed. I had not seen any trailers or heard a damned thing about this. I decided to give it a try since it is in theaters as well as On Demand and I am glad that I did.

This is the story of revenge and if there's one thing I love its a good revenge story. Radcliffe stars as Ig aka Iggy. He is a okay enough guy that works as a DJ. His girlfriend is this perfect girl named Merrin played by Juno Temple. They are a great couple and love each other very much which means that somebody has got to go. Merrin has gots to go!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

In Defense Of Channing Tatum As Gambit

Stop the presses! Channing Tatum has been announced as playing Gambit in a standalone film as well as the new X-Men movie! Now, a lot of people are upset about this. Why? Because they are haters and have not accepted the fact that this guy that your woman wants to bang would actually be able to pull this off.

I know how it feels. I used to hate this guy. I only knew him as the hot guy in films I would only watch to get laid by a girl that had a moment of weakness and I was the closest available man or the dude from those terrible looking Step Up movies. I borderline hated this guy. But then I saw 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike and all of a sudden he was likable.

Theater Whore: No Good Deed

No Good Deed 7/10

This was a fun movie. I watched this with my cousin Mala and this is one of those movies that you will either love or hate. I think a lot of it depends on what kind of movies you watched growing up. No Good Deed was like a lot I saw as a kid and loved so I was all in. I went from smacking my lips at bad decision making to cheering then back to smacking my lips. Then I cheered again. There will be lots of spoilers.

In this Idris Elba plays Colin Evans a guy that was charged for killing a guy in a bar fight defending his girlfriend. Yeah, there's something about him maybe killing five other women as well. He doesn't get paroled after pretending he is all good now and escapes from the prison transport. He immediately finds his former girlfriend and confronts her about not opening any of his letters or contacting him. He chokeslams her, breaks her neck, then pummels her with a lamp. Women still want him though because it's Idris.