Friday, November 7, 2014

Who Should Be The Joker?

Ryan Gosling as The Joker?! Shut up and take my money! Well, that was being reported but then shut down because he didn't want to commit to the amount of films required. I previously wrote a blog about who the best Joker was (click here to read that). Later I wrote a Who Should Be? featuring some actors that I almost wanted to use for this. That time it was for Dr. Strange and it looks like one of the people I picked, Benedict Cumberbatch, will play him...possibly maybe.

Jared Leto is the next name being tossed out to play Joker in the Suicide Squad movie. I'm not sure how it will tie into the upcoming DC films. That is a lot of characters to introduce but if they do it anything like the animated version, Batman Assault On Arkham, which did a great job of showcasing the characters.

Joker is one of if not the most well known villains in comic books, cartoons, and movies. He is never played the same and anyone that would try to do what Heath Ledger did would be a bad idea. He didn't copy Jack Nicholson just as Nicholson didn't copy Cesar Romero.

Leto is a good actor and I've no doubt he can pull off being Joker. But...there is a chance it could be someone else, and that is where I come in. I have come up with three actors that I think may be able to pull off being Joker. I tried to be as broad as possible with my choices. Let me know what you think. And remember, anything that is colored is a link to one of my other blogs.

Adrian Brody

This guy. I remember years back thinking that he should play Joker in a movie. Even without the makeup he looks like him. We know he can act. We know he has a personality. But if he were to play him I'd love to see it in a The Killing Joke film. Just watch him go from stand-up comedian to having his life fall apart and then losing his shit completely. That would be heartbreaking and incredible to watch. But...since he would be a part of a larger film I think he would be a good Joker even if he isn't starring. Imagine him and Ben Affleck's Batman going at it.

Zachary Quinto

This guy was the reason anyone gave a damn about Heroes when it was on. I knew it. You knew it. NBC knew it and brought his dead ass back to life. Having him off the show would be like having another Thor movie without Loki in it. Just a bad idea. Quinto for sure has the looks and ability to play Joker physically. He's done crazy, straight, but I haven't seen him in anything truly dramatic. I'm not a hundred percent sure about him.

Johnny Depp

Okay, now this one may seem like a weird choice, but here me out. For years now Depp has been doing odd roles where he is covered in makeup and being silly. But I imagine him like Hunter S. Thompson. Just a rambling madman that is totally unpredictable. He is closer to the age of the new Batman and if they end up using him in later films it would fit.

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