Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nothing But Gossip November 13th 2014

Matt Lauer interviewed Ray Rice's wife that he beat up, Janay Rice. I'm sure she will just talk about how great he really is and it was just the alcohol.

Kim Kardashian posed nude and everyone went crazy...except for me. Mostly because I'm a Khloe man and have seen Kim's porno and was not close to impressed. Also, she is annoying. Have you ever heard an interview with her? Ugh. Its the worse. Chelsea Handler then posted an image of her ass but I don't care. Not an inch of me finds that woman attractive.

Paris Hilton won an DJ award in Paris for best female DJ which obviously means that there are no other female DJ's.

Rapper Tyga was filming a video and cops showed up for reckless driving and his bodyguard was arrested for possession of a weapon. Then the video was stopped over on Melrose and Fairfax near me when the crowd got to big. I wondered where all those police cars were going.

John Wayne Bobbitt got into a car accident. You may remember him as the guy whose wife that he beat, Lorena, cut his dick off and later threw it out a window.

Rihanna went to the White House. Why? No reason. She wasn't nude so pffft.

It is being reported that Robin Williams' suicide may have been triggered by Lewy Body Dementia due to medications he was taking. Symptoms include visual and auditory hallucinations.

On a plane ride from New York to Ireland Delores O'Riordan, the lead singer if the Cranberries, she attacked a flight attendant. When being arrested after landing she headbutt a cop. She is in the hospital (not sure why) but still under arrest.

Kris Jenner has a new boyfriend that is younger than me. She is 59 and he is 33. Corey Gamble works with Bieber's manager making him immediately unlikable. Here she is celebrating her birthday that none of her kids attended.

The lead singer Jimi Jamison from the band Survivor (Eye Of The Tiger) died from a stroke and meth the autopsy says.

The more information that comes out it seems that I could have done Joan Rivers surgery better than the staff did. It is said that she had too much Propofol in her system as well as people were just not paying attention to what they were doing.

Here's another reason why I like Khloe Kardashian. She re-posted this.

Stephen Collins is suing his wife Faye Grant. He is mad that since she released the tapes of him admitting to being a child molester that he hasn't been able to find work. Whah!

There is a sex tape with Usher and his ex wife being shopped around. No thank you.

Beyonce postage an image that made me clap.

With one hand.

Justin Bieber has paid the man whose house he helped egg $80,000 for damages. He will also be doing five days community service as well as attend twelve anger management classes.

Amanda Bynes has been staying with three girls in West Hollywood. I live here and have not crossed paths with her and am shocked that three girls live here. They want money for damages after she left cigarette burns on the carpet and left blue stains from dyeing her hair. That's lie getting mad at a puppy for shitting on the floor. You know the rules. Bynes has said she only gets $50 - $100 a day and had no place to live. Her parents say they got her a place in Glendale but Bynes didn't want it.

Don't look blue to me.

Britney Spears new possible boyfriend Charlie Ebersol whose parents are famous signed a confidentiality agreement when meeting with her. I bet they will be married in a few months.

Casey Kasem's body is rotting away in Norway. There will be no way to do an autopsy if they wait any longer.

Andy Dick was arrested after asking a guy to see his necklace and then sped off on his bike with it. The guy knew who he was so it wasn't hard to catch his dumb ass.

Nicki Minaj is defending herself after her new video shows what many are considering anti-Semitic imagery. She says her boyfriend is Jewish so no. Ah, sounds like the ol' “I have Black friends so I'm not racist” technique.

Lena Dunham of Girls fame admitted to messing with her sisters vagina as a child. Keep that info to yourself, madam! Then she got mad when everyone called her a molester.

Jenny MacCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg who are recently married will have their own reality show. The countdown to their divorce begins immediately after the first episode airs!

The Olsen Twins do not look the same anymore!

Miley Cyrus owns a pet pig now. I jus' 'bout don' seen everything! 

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