Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Review: Game Of Thrones Season 6 Finale

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Finale 9/10

This will have all kinds of spoilers. I am still not used to having to wait to watch shows. I either watch shows well after they have ended of binge watch them from Netflix. I'm a spoiled little bitch. So waiting every week for this last season of Game Of Thrones was torture. Not likely sexually assaulted by a Frankenstein like knight that is 8 feet tall and brought back from the dead torture but still. It was rough. Like most seasons of GOT the episodes start off slow and then all of a sudden they just kick you in your dick parts.

This season had a lot to cover but I will focus mostly on episode ten The Winds of Winter. In this we find out who Jon Snow's mother really is and I was satisfied with the answer. I have never read the books and likely never will so I'm not sure if fans of those are upset or not. To me it made perfect sense. Its told through a flashback so I doubt anyone will know the truth of it. I just don't like that Bran is the one to figure this out because I so didn't miss him during season five. Jon is made king during a great scene with Lyanna Mormont played by Bella Ramsey.

Friday, June 24, 2016

The Review: Preacher Episodes 3 & 4 (I Quit)

Preacher The Possibilities & Swamp Monster 2/10

I think I am done watching Preacher on AMC. Its not because it is so not like the comics that I can rage about that. I'm not even mad wen I watch the show. Its just a huge letdown and disappointment. They have a lot of good actors and the way the show looks is pretty groovy, but the story four episodes in feels like a waste of my time. I told my friend that I was gonna stick around for four episodes and if it hadn't pulled me in by that time that I was gonna quit and that is what I'm doing. There are a lot of other shows that I can either watch or check out for the first time. I totally missed the second season of Fargo so I'm gonna watch all of those within a week. This show is just turning out to be dull and each episode made me lose more and more interest in the characters. It sucks. I like watching TV.

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Friday, June 17, 2016

The Review: Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit 2/10

For no real real I decided to watch Hot Pursuit starring Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara. Each of them are nice to look at so there's, you know, that. This is about Rose Cooper who is a San Antonio cop that grew up with a cop father who was killed on the job and is trying to follow in his footsteps. She gets made fun of by everyone for shooting a guy that yelled “Shotgun!” and tasered him spilling his drink and he burst into flames. She is assigned to escort Daniella Riva to witness protection when all hell breaks loose and crooked cops are everywhere chasing them down.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Theater Whore: Cell

Cell 2/10

Though this is being labeled as a Theater Whore review its actually a The Review since I watched it On Demand. It will be in theaters next month though they could save a lot of money by not wasting their time doing so. Cell is based off of a Stephen King novel of the same name which also happens to be the last King book I have ever read. I liked the book but the last part of it was so bad that it made me hate that I even read it. So why did I decide to watch this movie? Because I needed something on while I ironed, that's why. This stars John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson as a father searching for his son in the chaos caused by everyone being on a cell phone going berserk.

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Review: Black Mirror Season One

Black Mirror 10/10

Its so hard to describe this series other than saying that it is one of the best series I've ever seen. Kiyoshi mentioned it to me a long while back and I just got around to watching. It is so strange, creative, and original. The creator of the series Charlie Brooker has said regarding the series “each episode has a different cast, a different setting, even a different reality. But they're all about the way we live now – and the way we might be living in 10 minutes' time if we're clumsy.” The first season has three episodes where neither are connected. It has been compared to The Twilight Zone and I can see that. I'll recap each of the three episodes and there will be some spoilers from this series that's been out for years. Ya babies.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Review: The Purge Anarchy

The Purge Anarchy 5/10

I finally got around to watching the 2014 movie The Purge: Anarchy after seeing the trailer for the upcoming one. I'd see The Purge years ago and thought it was a great premise executed badly and I pretty much feel the same regarding this one. In the first I hated the family that was the main focus so I didn't care what happened to them. In this one its more people that I don't care for. I wish they had made the rebellion the focus. They seem way more interesting.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Review: Preacher Episode 2

Preacher 5/10

I got to watch episode two of Preacher. You wanna check out my review of episode one click here. This show is continuing to make Jesse the least interesting character in the series and it really can't afford to be this way when there are so many other shows to watch. I get that its early in the season, but come on. I'm not upset that its so different than the comic book but it is doing what I was afraid of and taking place in one town so far. It starts off with a cowboy in the late 1800's leaving home. He bumps into Tobias Beecher from Oz and his son. They are chatty as the cowboy says nothing and the next day sees a bunch of dead Native Americans scalped and hung. I know where this is going but it may be too early in the season for people that don't to be showing what seems so out of place and random.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Theater Whore: Keanu

Keanu 7/10

Spoilers! There is this weird new thing in comedy movies where they manage to make better and visually clearer action sequences than movies billing themselves as action films. Keanu stars Jordan Peele as Rell, a guy that was just dumped by his girlfriend and miserable until he finds a kitten and names it Keanu. Keegan-Michael Key plays Clarence who has a hot ass wife played by Nia Long and a family. He heads over to Rell's to cheer him up an meets Keanu. I totally skipped over the beginning action scene with the Allentown Boys played by Key and Peele. I shit you not, I would watch a movie starring two creepy looking long haired assassins that say nothing. That whole first scene was amazing.