Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Theater Whore: American Ultra

American Ultra 10/10

Slight spoilers. When I give a movie a rating that high it means that I got so into the movie I never checked the time, I didn't care who else was in the theater, and I wanted to see it again right after I was done. American Ultra met all of these so I had to give it a 10. The only reason I was willing to give this movie a try was because I'm a huge fan of Max Landis

Everything I have seen him write or talk about has thoroughly entertained me (hell, I got the Wrestling Isn't Wrestling shirt) so even though I'm not into Kristen Stewart or Jesse Eisenberg I sweated my ass to The Grove (probably my last time going there thank you very much usher playing his iPhone music during the movies credits I'll continue going to The Arclight on Sunset) and checked out the second showing of this.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Theater Whore: Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four 7/10

There will be some spoilers. I managed to dodge all the spoilers about this new Fantastic Four movie but managed to hear about all of the terrible reviews that it was receiving. When I wrote about this movie before it came out I said they already had a leg up on the other films because I was interested in it because I am not a fan of the FF whatsoever. This film managed to actually get me interested in the characters by going in a very different direction than the comics or previous films did.

It starts with a young Reed Richards in his science class being told by his teacher that what he wants to be can not be done. Just like real teachers do! He ends up befriending Ben Grimm while stealing junk from the junk yard that Grimm's family owns. They blow out all the power in the neighborhood. Fast forward years later and they have made another version of the device and are discovered by Professor Franklin Storm played by Reg E. Cathey. He invites Reed to help him create this machine on a larger scale since they have been working on something like it.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Stop It Kelly Osbourne

We live in a world where in one moment something you say can spread to thousands or millions of people and once you say it it can not be taken back. Back during the Oscars Giuliana Rancic made a comment about this young actress/singer named Zendaya in regards to a style of dreads she had. By the way, they were the cleanest looking dreads I've ever seen. She said “I feel like she smells like pachouli oil” and someone else chimed in “or weed.” Yeah. I know. I bring this story up because immediately Kelly Osbourne jumped down the throat of Rancic on Twitter. I will not change any of the spelling. Wallow in the ignorance and lack of spell check.

Im giving everyone involved 24 hours to make it right or the world will hear how I really feel. contactually Im not allowed to speak! I DID NOT MAKE THE WEED COMENT. I DO NOT CONDONE RACISM SO AS A RSULT OF THIS IM SEREIOULSY QUESTIONONIG STAYING ON THE SHOW!” She was ready to quit this fashion commentary show because of what Rancic said about someone she knew. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Review: Hercules

There were two Hercules movies that came out in 2014. One was The Legend Of Hercules which was laughably bad and this one starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson. I had no strong desire to see either but managed to for some reason. This one lied a ton in the trailer and poster because its about a bunch of his tales but they aren't true. He runs with a crew and they are mercenaries and he ends up fighting for the wrong side. This movie is pretty lame but there is a 20 minute period where the movie is awesome which makes the other 70 minutes that weren't wasteful seem even worse. This could have been cool but it ended up being dull. Hell, I'll even accept cheesy.

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Theater Whore: Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation 8/10

Its hard to believe it but that last Mission Impossible movie was four years ago. This new one Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation was a pretty damned fun action movie that had me wrong many times. This will have some spoilers by the way. You know that scene with the plane in the trailer? That is the very damned beginning of the movie so you know its gonna be crazy from the start. In this Ethan Hunt played by Tom Cruise is on the run from everyone trying to prove that this group called the Syndicate has been causing all of these assassinations and attacks.

While getting information about a new mission Ethan is captured and about to have his shit wrecked by this guy named Bone Doctor which is never a good thing especially when he shows up with a case full of sharp and poundy objects. He ends up being saved by this fucking cool ass woman named Ilsa Faust played by Rebecca Ferguson. Whenever someone complains about movies not having enough bad ass women I think they are watching the wrong films. I see plenty of them. She helps him get away by pretending he escaped.