Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Lisa May

As someone that was born and raised in Los Angeles I am used to radio stations disappearing, changing format completely, or becoming Spanish. So when I find something that I like I do not take change well. Listened to Howard Stern, it became Adam Carolla (which I got to be on quite a few times), then a dance station. But in that situation I knew what was happening the entire time, months in advance in some cases. But recently a show that I've listened to since I was about 12 years old changed. It didn't go away. It changed and somehow that feels worse.

Lisa May who was the traffic reporter was let go from the radio station KROQ. Lisa May has been on the show for decades and I loved her on there. I have seen many people come and go on that show like the aforementioned Carolla. There's Jimmy Kimmel and “Psycho” Mike Catherwood. They went on to bigger things and eventually Ralph Garman will be doing the same. He's been getting more roles on TV and movies and he has his successful podcast with Kevin Smith. The writing has been on the wall for a while now.

Monday, February 16, 2015

You Had One Job: Constantine

I have been watching the Constantine series on NBC and for the most part it has been good. Then it got okay. Then I just watched the last few episodes and wondered exactly what the fuck happened. This show has been in an uphill battle from the start with the crappy time slot it had of Friday nights at 10pm. It has since moved earlier but still on Friday nights. Since it is on NBC I started watching knowing that chances are the it was going to be canceled mid-season or after the first. That's their style.

Even though there were some things to nitpick I liked the show at first. The fact that he couldn't smoke on the show but showing him shooting up heroin was fine. He can smoke now but its too often now. Its like when a kid is allowed to curse. Then there's the whole love angle that feels so shoehorned. This show has no need for that and watching it unfold just made me cringe. Last nights episode was a joke. It just sucked and felt like they were building up a spinoff series with The Spectre that is laughable considering they can barely keep their own show on the air. I'm getting ahead of myself.

Way Back: Footloose

I finally got around to watching Footloose. Yeah, I know it came out over 30 years ago but this was not the kinda movie my parents watched. Cam loves this movie and I've known that since I've known her so after recording our Rockets & Chicken Chocket Award Show we watched it. Its not exactly what I thought it was about. This is the tale of a poor preacher Rev. Moore, played by John Lithgow, and father of a dead son that just wants his quiet town to worship in peace. But his undiagnosed with a multitude of mental disorders daughter Ariel played by Lori Singer has other plans.

A new kid from the big city named Ren McCormack played by Kevin Bacon shows up to ruin everything. He can not believe that music and dancing are not allowed. These are the two things he loves most in life! He takes a shining to Ariel even though she's seen more penises than a urologist. She is dating this guy that is 80's style asshole but she doesn't care because fuck the system. The entire time this movie is trying to nail it into my head that she is hot. She isn't. Not even 80's hot which would be bag lady style now.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Ross Radio Quickie Show 19

This is a bass boosted, disturbing the neighbors episode so listen with caution. Killer Mike Akson (Yeah!), Big Boi Shutterbug, E40 Tell Me When To Go, Ludacris Stand Up, MC Breed Ain't No Future In Yo Frontin', and Breeze LA Posse. Click here for this and previous Ross Radio Quickie Shows

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Casting Slouch: Erica Tazel As Vixen

So I decided to start this new thing where I cast Hollywood movies that may or may not exist. Last time I did something like this Benedict Cumberbatch was cast as Dr. Strange which means that I have total pull in terms of casting stars. I shall call this Casting Slouch and start with actress Erica Tazel being cast as DC Comics character Vixen. Some of you may wonder who Vixen is. Those of you that don't watch the amazing show Justified on FX may be asking who Tazel is. Either way I feel bad for you because you're missing out.

Her television debut was on an episode of Sex In The City which I need to go back and watch since I've seen ever single episode of that show and can't recall this. She is better known as Rachel Brooks on Justified. Though she was born in Texas and the character, Vixen, is from Africa I know she can pull this off. How do I know? Because she is an actress! It doesn't hurt that she is cute as all get out. Seriously. When I first saw her on the show I thought she was the business and hoped that she would stay on the show. Six seasons in and she has! Now to Vixen.

Theater Whore: Rosewater

Rosewater 9/10

I finally got a chance to check this movie Rosewater out and I'll be damned if it wasn't amazing. It was written and directed by John Stewart, the comedian not the Green Lantern, and is based on the true story of a journalist named Maziar Bahari. Gael Garcia Baernal plays Bahari in this movie and does an awesome job. I also think I am biased towards actors that can do roles where they are alone a lot like Ryan Reynolds in Buried and Tom Hardy in Locke.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Way Back: Driver

"If I drive for you, you give me a time and a place. I give you a five-minute window, anything happens in that five minutes and I'm yours no matter what. I don't sit in while you're running it down; I don't carry a gun... I drive." That is a quote from the 2011 film Drive starring Ryan Gosling and it could also be the tag-line for this 1978 film Driver starring Ryan Oneal. When Koko told me about this movie she said that Drive was a remake of Driver and I said it wasn't because the book for Drive was written fairly recently.

Turns out that Drive just borrowed heavily from Driver.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Stop It KimYe: Ultra C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker Edition

I don't like Kanye West anymore. I've written about him in the past (click here for that). For the longest time I would just say that he is a shitty rapper and great producer. But it got to the point where I was skipping his verses in songs. No one is gonna tell him that he sucks because he makes good beats for them. He just likes to be in the songs as well and just stinks 'em up.

On my gossip column Nothing But Gossip I talk about Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian a lot. Why? Because they do a lot of dumb shit publicly and since I like writing about nonsense I write about them. I thought that only one of them had been silly until I woke up to more information. Let me start with Kanye. On the Grammy's last night he got upset that Beyoncé did not win and the award for best album went to Beck. Yes. He did this before with Taylor Swift years ago giving people a glimpse into the world of this asshole. This is a combination of a few interviews from last night.

Way Back: Blow-Up

Babbling Old Man reviews are now known as Way Back. The other night Koko and I watched this movie she suggested called Blow-Up. I knew nothing about this movie going in but as soon as I saw the credits I knew for sure that this was an old movie. Made in 1966, it stars David Hemmings as a photographer named Thomas. He starts off his insane ass day photographing a model before taking off to do another photo shoot. He gets annoyed with the models and leaves for a day trip to shop for antiques and a trip to the park. There he takes pictures of a man and woman played by Vanessa Redgrave. The woman eventually sees him and freaks out asking for him to destroy the pictures. She ends up back at his place after tracking him down.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Nothing But Gossip February 7th 2015

Bruce Jenner was involved in a car accident on PCH that involved a total of 8 people injured and left one of them dead. It is said that his car was hit which caused his car to shove a car into traffic causing the driver to be hit and killed. This, of course, is not all the Jenner news that is going around.

Bruce is also in the process of becoming a woman. This has been a long time coming. I is being reported that Kris Jenner, his ex wife, is upset that he told the kids and set up a TV show showing his transition to a woman without her knowing or her being involved. His reveal will be on Keeping Up With The Kardashian's and then his own series will air.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Hate Can't Wait: The Slap

There is a billboard that I have been seeing all around the city and on buses for a new show coming on NBC called The Slap. Not knowing anything about it Cam and I joked about what the premise would be based solely on the poster and I'll be damned if we didn't hit it right on the nose. This series is a remake of an Australian series (I already read what each episode is about and it seems like something that could be done BBC style in three or four or even a movie) which was based off of a popular book.

"A once happy family suddenly begins to fall apart following a seemingly minor incident in which a man slaps another couple's misbehaving child."