Monday, February 9, 2015

Stop It KimYe: Ultra C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker Edition

I don't like Kanye West anymore. I've written about him in the past (click here for that). For the longest time I would just say that he is a shitty rapper and great producer. But it got to the point where I was skipping his verses in songs. No one is gonna tell him that he sucks because he makes good beats for them. He just likes to be in the songs as well and just stinks 'em up.

On my gossip column Nothing But Gossip I talk about Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian a lot. Why? Because they do a lot of dumb shit publicly and since I like writing about nonsense I write about them. I thought that only one of them had been silly until I woke up to more information. Let me start with Kanye. On the Grammy's last night he got upset that Beyoncé did not win and the award for best album went to Beck. Yes. He did this before with Taylor Swift years ago giving people a glimpse into the world of this asshole. This is a combination of a few interviews from last night.

"If they want real artists to keep coming back, they need to stop playing with us. Flawless Beyoncé video, and Beck needs to respect artistry, and he should have given his award to Beyoncé." Beck, to his credit, was not upset. How could you get upset at a dumb puppy? "I was just so excited he was coming up. West deserves to be onstage as much as anybody. How many great records has he put out in the last five years, right? I thought she was going to win. Come on, she's Beyonce! You can't please everybody, man. I still love West and think he's genius. I aspire to do what he does."

Come on, now. Beck will still be performing a few years from now. Kanye won't. Kanye continued to keep saying dumb shit. "At this point, we tired of it! Because what happens is, when you keep on diminishing art and not respecting the craft and smacking people in the face after they deliver monumental feats of music, you're disrespectful to inspiration. And we as musicians have to inspire people who go to work every day and listen to that Beyoncé album, and they feel like it takes them to another place. Then they do this whole promotional event, and they'll run the music over somebody's speech, an artist, because they want commercial advertising. No, we not playing with them no more."

Blah blah blah! He's said this same shit in the past and keeps on showing up at award shows. I remember him saying "Fuck SNL and their whole cast" in a song and showed up on the show singing that song but changing the verse. He's like a stupid ass kid that makes a he decision well known and then acting like he didn't. He is upset that he didn't get what he wanted. He had no dog in this fight. Beck had his moment shit on by a troll the same way Swift did.

Does Kanye have talent? Yes. As a producer. But the fact that he thinks he is one of the best rappers of all time is ridiculous. There are rappers that will never get a percentage of his popularity that could rap circles around him. But no one will tell him that. Sooner than later people will get tired of his shit.

On to Kim.

She recently popped back up overshadowing her step-father's transformation from a man to a woman and then a car accident where someone died by posing nude...again. Most of you may know Kim from Keeping Up With The Kardashian's, clothing lines, or just because people like me won't shut up about her. I knew her as the chick who hung with Paris Hilton and had a famous lawyer father.

Then she was that chick that fucked Ray-J. Then she started fucking famous Black guys, had her show, had a few marriages, got knocked up by Kanye, and here we are. She is back to what got her really famous. Being naked. For years she got by on her ass. Not any talent of any sort. If she called you you wouldn't know her voice. For years her ass was the topic of discussion but now every chick has a big ass. Its crazy. Besides the fact that her ass isn't real there are even better fake ones out there.

So there Kim is posing nude while her husband walks the Earth being an asshole, her daughter is...somewhere, her sisters are insane, her dad will be a mom, and her mom is a hot ass mess. I deleted every single song involving Kanye from my iTunes today. I just can't deal with him anymore. There are actors that makes it hard to ignore their personal lives while looking at their movies. I used to be able to get over his bullshit for years but not anymore. Now I'm just sick of him and his wife.

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