Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Hate Can't Wait: The Slap

There is a billboard that I have been seeing all around the city and on buses for a new show coming on NBC called The Slap. Not knowing anything about it Cam and I joked about what the premise would be based solely on the poster and I'll be damned if we didn't hit it right on the nose. This series is a remake of an Australian series (I already read what each episode is about and it seems like something that could be done BBC style in three or four or even a movie) which was based off of a popular book.

"A once happy family suddenly begins to fall apart following a seemingly minor incident in which a man slaps another couple's misbehaving child."

This looks bad. The topic is something I'm sure many of you have discussed but dragging it out as a series seems weak. Besides the fact that it is yet another series taken from another country and remade a few years afterward, I'm sure that this is gonna cause some fights between friends. I watched the trailer for both the original series (looks far more interesting) and the US version and the original looks more dramatic and interesting which is slightly odd considering the new cast is a lot of actors and actresses that I know...but have not been in anything worth mentioning in a long time.

As for the actual slap, which they made the mistake of showing in the trailer because that would've been the only reason why I would've checked this series out, it was well deserved. “You should never hit a child!” said someone who has never been around a bad ass child for more than two minutes or is prepping a serial killer. Now, I'm not saying you should hit your crumby kid but you should never say there's no reason to not hit anything. I've punched walls before. That wall didn't do nothin'!

In the trailer all these people are at a gathering celebrating and this little boy is swinging a baseball bat at other children. His parents aren't even trying to stop it (how many times have you seen that happen?) so one of the adults confronts him and grabs the bat. The kid kicks him in the leg and the dude bitch slaps him. The kid doesn't go flying across the yard and it wasn't some stranger off the street that slapped him. These people all know each other. At this point everyone should've cheered but instead the mother freaked out and is mad at the father for not fighting the guy and the police get involved. Please. Fuck around and have a house full of black-eyed family members.

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"If you're old enough to talk back, you're old enough to get fucked up!" - Bernie Mac.