Monday, February 9, 2015

Way Back: Blow-Up

Babbling Old Man reviews are now known as Way Back. The other night Koko and I watched this movie she suggested called Blow-Up. I knew nothing about this movie going in but as soon as I saw the credits I knew for sure that this was an old movie. Made in 1966, it stars David Hemmings as a photographer named Thomas. He starts off his insane ass day photographing a model before taking off to do another photo shoot. He gets annoyed with the models and leaves for a day trip to shop for antiques and a trip to the park. There he takes pictures of a man and woman played by Vanessa Redgrave. The woman eventually sees him and freaks out asking for him to destroy the pictures. She ends up back at his place after tracking him down.

She attempts to steal the pictures from him and he gives her fake ones. He develops the images and slowly uncovers a murder that happened of the guy she was with. This movie is very strange and Koko and I spent an hour just trying to come up with our own theories on what happened. This movie doesn't hold your hand and explain every detail which I am used to from most mystery films nowadays. I'm not sure how to really describe this movie. Something is always happening even when it appears there isn't. Its definitely weird but I'd suggest it. There is some nudity but its 60's nudity which means it won't turn you on.

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