Monday, February 16, 2015

Way Back: Footloose

I finally got around to watching Footloose. Yeah, I know it came out over 30 years ago but this was not the kinda movie my parents watched. Cam loves this movie and I've known that since I've known her so after recording our Rockets & Chicken Chocket Award Show we watched it. Its not exactly what I thought it was about. This is the tale of a poor preacher Rev. Moore, played by John Lithgow, and father of a dead son that just wants his quiet town to worship in peace. But his undiagnosed with a multitude of mental disorders daughter Ariel played by Lori Singer has other plans.

A new kid from the big city named Ren McCormack played by Kevin Bacon shows up to ruin everything. He can not believe that music and dancing are not allowed. These are the two things he loves most in life! He takes a shining to Ariel even though she's seen more penises than a urologist. She is dating this guy that is 80's style asshole but she doesn't care because fuck the system. The entire time this movie is trying to nail it into my head that she is hot. She isn't. Not even 80's hot which would be bag lady style now.

Ren and his new friends hatch a plan to get dancing and music allowed back into the town despite proof that it leads to sexual behavior and rampant drug and alcohol use. No matter what Rev. Moore does his daughter continues her wicked ways. Even his own wife turns on him. Eventually he gives up all hope and allows these heathens to stage a huge party where I assume all these years later the glitter used can still be found on the ground.

This was a fun movie with a ton of songs I knew. I think the fact that I have watched it as an old man made me view it differently than if I had as a child or even a teen.

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