Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ross Radio Show 162

Happy New Year! I play some party songs like Kool And The Gang Hollywood Swinging, Madonna Holiday, Alicia Myers I Want To Thank You, James Brown Funky Good Time, Michael Jackson This Place Hotel, Luther Vandross Never Too Much, Gap Band Party Train, Rick James Mary Jane, Zapp & Roger Doo Wah Ditty, Tom Browne Funkin' For Jamaica, Isley Brothers Voyage To Atlantis, Rufus and Chaka Khan Hollywood, Earth Wind And Fire Would You Mind, Marvin Gaye Just Like Music, George Clinton Atomic Dog, Liquid Liquid Cavern, Digital Underground The Humpty Dance, Mark Morrison Return Of The Mack, Positive K I Got A Man, Mos Def Ms Fat Booty, McFadden & Whitehead Ain't No Stopping Us Now, and Shalamar Second Time Around. Click here for this and past Ross Radio Shows. Thanks for sharing, liking, and listening to my show. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Spider Slayer

Last night I got the very rare opportunity to watch a UFC pay-per-view live. While hanging out with some friends enjoying pizza and hooch, we checked out the UFC 168 pre-show. While looking at the ring I kept asking “Where the hell did all that blood come from?” because so far no one had bled that much. I found out later it was from the William Patolino/Bobby Voelker fight and was shocked that the ref or doctor didn't stop the fight. Voelker was just pouring blood from his nose to the point he changed the color of Patolino's hair. It was very Ric Flair like.

Overall the show was entertaining. I got to see Chris “The Crippler” Leben fight Uriah Hall and was surprised that Leben was still even fighting. At least he finally got his tattoos filled in. At the end of the first round he got his ass rocked, wasn't sure if he had gotten knocked out, and threw in the towel. Can't blame him. I've seen that damned roundhouse kick that Hall has and the last thing I'd want is to end up on a KO of the year list trying to get up off the ground using my shoulders. The other fights were cool but I was waiting for two specific ladies. Ronda Rousey versus Miesha Tate.

I've been a fan Rousey since I first saw a picture of her but wasn't sure what she did. I started following her career and watching her damn near break arms in every match with an armbar. So Tate comes out and she is all smiling and chipper on her way to the octagon. From the clips that were played and from what I've seen from their Ultimate Fighter coaching I know I am supposed to hate Rousey. But I can't. She's hot. I'm stupid. Its a bad combination. Rousey stormed the ring like she didn't have a friend in the world. The crowd booed the shit out of her. I cheered. I wanted Tate to get destroyed.

These two went at it. Me being me assumed that the match would be over in the first round with Tate on the ground holding her arm so imagine my surprise when Rousey wasn't able to finish her off. Same with the second. At this point I was starting to get worried. Would Rousey lose to these cupcake wearing dame?! Of course not. She tapped her out in the third round and I cheered. The crowd kept booing her but once she posts a picture wearing close to nothing they'll shut their mouths. This woman is damn near perfect. Up next is the main event.

Chris Weidman beat Anderson Silva a few months back and when I read that I was pissed. All my life there have been fighters that I just never wanted to lose. Ever. Mike TysonManny PacquiaoCong Le, and Silva. I had seen a few of Weidman's matches and while I know he is a great fighter, he's no Silva. So when Silva got rocked by that punch while doing what he always does, I was pissed. So getting to see this live rematch, which was unplanned last night, was awesome. Me and my three friends all picked Silva to win. I think. I was drinking. Leave me alone.

The fight starts and during the first round Silva is on his back trying not to get knocked out and managing to bust Weidman open. The second round starts and Silva throws a kick and then drops. I shouted “Oh, no!” because I saw what happened. The replays that they mercifully stopped playing showed Silva's leg snap on impact with Weidman's leg and wrap around it. I had seen this in an old MMA match where the guy didn't realize what happened and got mad at the ref for stopping the fight. I'd seen something like this in boxing where a guy broke his leg on the way down after being knocked out and woke up as his leg spun back around.

We couldn't believe what we just saw. People are wondering if he'll ever fight again. I was more concerned with if his ass would walk properly ever again. Seeing a fighter that you like lose is bad. Seeing a fighter that you like have his leg snap in two on live television fucks you up. I hope Silva can make a full recovery and possibly return. Until then we have Weidman to cheer for. I guess.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

TV Slut: American Horror Story Season 2

If you feel like starting some brand new fetishes then by all means check out season two of American Horror Story: Asylum. Wow. This season was so honked up. Honestly, it took about four episodes for me to get completely on board with this season because I watched it so close to the first season, American Horror Story: Murder House, that it was hard for me to look at certain characters sympathetically. For instance, the kid Kit Walker (Evan Peters) that shot up his school in the first season is someone I am supposed to feel bad for in this season. It took a while before I could accept him as someone to feel bad for.

This season is about an asylum, Briarcliff Mental Institution, and the year is 1964. Its run by an evil ass nun named Sister Jude played by Jessica Lange. She is all about solitary, electroshock therapy, and just good old fashioned beating that ass in the name of the Lord. The patients at the place are controlled by her as well as the employees. She's not even close to someone I felt sorry for until way later in the season which caught me off guard.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Top 5 Best & Worst Films Of 2013

Oh, what a year it has been for movies. Good films were very few and far between while horrible ones just ran rampant. This year it was hard to find five good films of the year because most of the films I enjoyed the most I've in the last month and since I am only doing five I had to shave off a lot of bad ones, otherwise this would have been best five films and twenty worst. I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with my choices. Tough shit. Make your own list, you weirdo.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ross Radio Quickie Show 6

In this holiday episode I play Donny Hathaway This Christmas, Band Aid Do They Know Its Christmas Time?, Luther Vandross Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Marvin Gaye The Christmas Song, and Run-DMC Christmas In Hollis. Click here for this and previous Ross Radio Quickie Shows.  

Monday, December 23, 2013

DVDiculous: Raging Phoenix

Thai movies that I watch tend to have the same theme: elbows, knees, and an ending that runs right off the rails. This stars the same chick, Jija Yanin, from Chocolate which if you haven't seen you really need to. This movie is about getting drunk and kicking ass while doing lots of flips. Yanin as Deu is a drummer in a band that is far too emotional and gets kicked out the group and cheated on by her boyfriend. She gets drunk, cries to her dead father, and ends up getting kidnapped. All kinds of crazy happens until she is saved by this guy, Sanim, from a group of lunatics with pogo legs.

She wakes up and is in a warehouse with these drunk dudes named Dog Shit and Pig Shit. They fend off a gang which is surprising because before they started dancing and kicking ass they seemed like total fuck ups. After being asked they teach her how to drink and Sanim, though he doesn't want to, teaches her how to fight. Meaning doing impossible stuff.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Theater Whore: American Hustle

American Hustle - 8/10

There were quite a few reasons why I didn't want to see American Hustle. I'm not a big fan of Bradley Cooper. Or Jennifer Lawrence. They were in Silver Linings Playbook which is one of the shittiest films I've seen in the last few years that was given quite a bit of acclaim. Amy Adams I am starting to appreciate for her great acting (she was in Her which we saw the same night as this movie). And of course Christian Bale is great...except in Out Of The Furnace which I saw a couple of days ago. But it was playing at the same theater as the first movie we saw and if you have ever been to Century City Mall then you know that once you are inside you are stuck there for a while.

The film takes place in 1978 and is sorta kinda based on things that really happened. Irving Rosenfield (Bale) is a swindler but low level. He is good at what he does and isn't trying to take things to a huge level. He's just doing his thing. The start of the movie shows his routine to master the terrible comb-over he sports. Its just...bad. At a party he meets with Sydney Prosser (Adams) and he falls in love with her immediately. Then he almost scares her off when he talks about his business. She comes back and they work great together.

Theater Whore: Her

Her – 9/10

As you can tell, lately I've been cramming in a lot of movies with Cam since it is almost time for awards so the good stuff is finally coming out after a year of some of the most booty ass films. We decided to do another one of our double features. Last night the first film we saw was Her. This led to jokes between us about movies with vague titles like Them, They Live, It, and The Thing. This movie was directed by Spike Jonze which meant that at the very least it would be interesting.

It stars Theodore Twombly played by Joaquin Phoenix. He works at a place that writes professionally made hand written letters for people. Like, if you want to tell your kids, spouse, or friend how much you love them this place will do it for you and Theodore is one of the best at it. He is in the process of getting a divorce and refuses to sign the papers. While going to sleep one night he decides to check out some chat rooms. There is a small earpiece he wears to check everything from email to talk to people and finds a woman to talk to who goes from a 2 to 11 in terms of phone sex. I won't spoil what happens but everyone in the theater was dying laughing!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Theater Whore: Out Of The Furnace

This is gonna be a pretty fast review. The trailer for Out Of The Furnace made this look like a pretty great film. Hell, the cast alone made me wanna see this. Christian Bale, Casey Affleck, Forest Whitaker, Willem Dafoe, and Woody Harrelson? Come on! That is a lot of good in one place. So why didn't I enjoy a single moment of this movie? Mostly for the fact that it was about halfway through this two hour movie where what is shown immediately in the trailer occurs.

The story is something that could've been done on a half hour episode of some show. Brother comes back home from war a fuck up, the other brother is a drunk fuck up, his woman meets someone new, fuck up war brother gets killed because he is a fuck up, and evil guy ends up paying for a crime that is slightly more fucked up than the ones everyone else did.

This movie just happened. There's no need to tell any of you to ever see this. The accents that people have are bad. The acting is so wooden. It was like watching a bunch of people on screen who didn't quite want to be there. Its not even bad because its sad, because its not really sad. It made me feel no emotions other than the joy that comes with not living where they do.

Click here for previous Theater Whore

TV Slut: American Horror Story Season 1

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by Jen-Jen to watch American Horror Story: Murder House. I had heard of this show and had seen posters and I was like “What kinda kinky ass nonsense is this?” I didn't know who was on the show. Didn't know the premise. Hell, I didn't even know what channel it came on. All I knew was that someone wore a rubber suit and if someone is wearing a rubber suit you are ether going to have the best or worse night of your life.

Stranger danger! Stranger danger!

The show from the very start made me go “Uh...” when these red-headed twin boys walk up to this dilapidated ass house and start smashing windows. A little girl with Down Syndrome tells them that they are going to die inside of there and they shit talk her and head inside. They smash stuff and pop firecrackers until they start hearing things. Next thing you know there is throats being slashed, and murder o'plenty! This is all before the credits start which in and of themselves look nuts. The credits are like a Trent Reznor fever dream.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ross Radio Quickie Show 5

In this episode I decided to play a few of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs. Black Dog, Immigrant Song, When The Levee Breaks, Hey Hey What Can I Do, and Kashmir. Click here for this and previous Ross Radio Quickie Shows

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nothing But Gossip December 17th 2013

Justin Bieber announced that after his new album comes out that he is retiring. That's like someone kicking your ass every day and then saying that they have decided to stop after you've lost the ability to function. You can't just help ruin the music industry and run away, boy! I doubt he is serious because we all know how little girls like to play. There was also a 911 call placed from his home after a 20 year old girl passed out.

Also, his pals Lil Za and Lil Twist are being sued by a photographer who says that they and two of Beeb's guards attacked him and tried to take his camera. Girls just wanna have fun!

Terrence Howard who seems to only pop up when hitting women owes over $50,000 in back rent for his place in New York.

Michael Clarke Duncan, who died well over a year ago, still is in an unmarked grave like some kinda old West desperado. His fiancee at the time, Omarosa, says that his family wanted to take care of it even though she said that she could and would.

Crystal Hunt, Lizzie Spaulding from Guiding Light (duh!), was arrested for felony assault after smashing a glass on another woman's face at a bar in West Hollywood around 12:30am. She's free on bail because fuck it she's pretty. She is claiming self defense.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Theater Whore: Homefront

You should never poke a Jason Statham. A bunch of drug dealers, users, and bad guys learn this the hard way in Homefront. I wasn't dying to see this but movies that I want to see are few and far between this year so I gave this a chance. This is based off a book by Chuck Hogan but the screenplay was by Sylvester Stallone. Don't laugh. That man wrote Rocky. This movie starts off with Statham as Phil Broker who is an undercover DEA agent. The DEA raid this bar full of bikers and meth. Next thing you know Broker is chasing them on a motorcycle, using it as a weapon, and the lead biker's son is shot and killed. Drugs are bad, kids.

Now living in a small town in the South where nothing good ever happens. Seriously. You say the words “small town” and “in the South” I just sit back and wait for violence. His daughter who consistently made me yell at the screen punches and spin kicks a kid in the face. Now, this chubby bastard totally deserved it. He was a movie bully in every sense. He takes her hat and she whips him. She looked silly as hell in that hat and would never wear that for real's but its a plot device. Broker has to show up and try to smooth things over but the mother played by Kate Bosworth and her husband are having none of it.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ross Radio Quickie Show 4

After watching the documentary 20 Feet From Stardom I absolutely had to record a show featuring some of my favorite songs. Lou Reed Walk On The Wild Side, David Bowie Young Americans, Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter, Joe Cocker With A Little Help From My Friends, and T. Rex 20 Century Boy. Click here to download this and previous Ross Radio Quickie Shows

Theater Whore: The Book Thief

This movie should've been called The Time Thief. Okay, okay. I know that it isn't fair for me to start a review that way but damn it. I wish it had stopped many times and it refused to. Its rare when I think to myself “Just die already!” when watching something, but I did. This movie, The Book Thief, is about a little girl being taken and adopted by some people in Germany when it is all about the Nazi coming up and Hitler beginning his reign of terror.

This girl is on a train with her mom and brother and everyone looks miserable. Death is narrating and starting off with something like “You will all die one day.” I'm like, wow. Way to start a movie! The little brother just up and dies because its the 1930's and that's what folks did. They bury him and she steals a book dropped by the gravedigger. She is sent to live with this nice old man and his angry ass wife (Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson).

Theater Whore: 20 Feet From Stardom

While watching this documentary 20 Feet From Stardom I realized quite a few things. Music today isn't close to as good as it used to be. The act that I knew every song being sung made me thank my drunken father for exposing me to various types of music. And the fact that we need to start using more background singers. My latest Ross Radio Quickie Show is dedicated to some of the great songs I heard while watching this with Cam.

This follows the careers of various background singers through the years from the start when every singer had White females to when suddenly here are these Black women just belting out this fantastic, church sounding music. Dancing and driving crowds insane, to trying to find their own stardom as solo artists. I have to point out that if you had hard feelings towards Phil Specter before, after watching this you will think he was a huge scumbag. He took a singer and her songs and just made albums with other women and groups pretending to be them. They had never sung a word of the song and there they are getting famous for lip singing.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nothing But Gossip December 8th 2013

Because Justin Bieber can't continue this tour without more bullshit happening, a father in Australia says that he was thrown out a door and down some stairs when trying to get his daughter to meet Bieber. Of course other reports say that the father was being pushy and was not thrown. Which do you believe? Marijuana was also found during a search of he and his crew at the airport where a fine was paid.

Not understanding why people hated her version of The Sound Of Music, including living members of the original cast, star Carrie Underwood wrote “Plain and simple: Mean people need Jesus. They will be in my prayers tonight.”

Paris Hilton's brother Barron Hilton got his ass kicked by a dude that knows Lindsay Lohan. Barron says that Lindsay instigated the whole thing. Paris sent out a Tweet with her brother at the hospital looking all fucked up because there's nothing that makes you feel like more of a tough guy than having your 90lb. sister threaten people on your behalf. Police are still investigating.

MC Hammer owes $798,033.48 to the IRS from back in '96 and '97. Damn!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Theater Whore: Captain Phillips

I got tired of seeing commercials talking about how inspirational the movie Captain Phillips was. This is based off what really happened a few years ago where a ship was taken over by pirates. Well, that concludes the review! I mean, that pretty much is the movie when you think about it. I'm not knocking it at all. It was a good movie but the story is pretty simple. Thankfully director Paul Greengrass handled this and he is good at working in small spaces and making people just staring feel important.

Tom Hanks stars as Captain Richard Phillips. Its his job to sail this big ass ship around parts of Africa where lots of pirate attacks have been happening to deliver supplies and aid. He is fully aware of all of this and starts having his crew do drills just in case they ever get taken over or attacked. They seem to be kinda lazy about it or not thinking it'll actually happen. That is until it does. Some of the crew is like “This is bullshit! I want to stop and go home!” and Phillips is like “You can come to my office and fill out the union paperwork and when we get to Africa you can leave.”

The story flips back and forth at the start between the pirates led by Abduwali Muse played by Barkhad Abdi who people are saying may get nominated for his performance. He and his boys come at the ship and Phillips and his crew start speeding up the boat and making the water too rough for them to catch up. They make it away safely until the next day when these guys show up with a faster boat. Phillips and his crew once again try to get away and start to blast the pirates with water. They still manage to start shooting at them and make it aboard.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ross Radio Show 161

In this episode I play some various disco songs. Silver Convention Fly Robin Fly, Stevie Wonder That Girl, Donna Summer Love To Love You Baby, Tavares Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel, The Jackson's Enjoy Yourself, Pacific Gas & Electric Are You Ready?, Gary Toms Empire 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Blow Your Whistle, Joe Tex Ain't Gonna Bump No More (With No Big Fat Woman), Heatwave The Groove Line, and Bee Gees Night Fever. Click here for this and previous Ross Radio Shows

Nothing But Gossip December 1st 2013

Alec Baldwin has been shitcanned for all the crazy stuff he has been saying in the past few weeks from his MSNBC show. Raise you hand if you knew this show even existed!

Singer Marc Anthony's ex wife claims that she had to sell her home and move because he is barely paying enough in child support. Dayanara Torres, who was Miss Universe 1993, says that she gets $13,000 a month and wants $113,000. The fuck?! Its mostly out of anger since he pays his other ex wife Jennifer Lopez a lot more in child support. By the way, the kids he had were her are way cuter than the one's he had with J-Lo. Stay classy, Dante.

There are rumors that Ashton Kutcher has gotten Mila Kunis pregnant. Ugh. Just...ugh.

Rapper” Lil Mama got taken to the cleaners in court when she was sued by her lawyer for not paying fees for three years. Its about $18,000. Hope that TLC money pays for it!

Theater Whore: Blue Jasmine

This is the other movie I saw with Cam. I didn't know much about Blue Jasmine except that Alec Baldwin and Louis CK were in it. No idea what it was about, when it took place, or anything. I am so happy to say that this ended up being a really good film with another perfect cast and directed by Woody Allen. Say what you want about the guy, his pervy strange ass makes some really good movies.

Cate Blanchett stars as Jasmine, a woman we all know. I actually got chills at certain points watching this as she reminded me of women I have come across in my life. I'll explain shortly. Jasmine arrives in San Francisco to stay with her sister Ginger (Sally Hawkins) because Jasmine's life has fallen apart. Her husband is gone, her son left her, and she is having breakdowns. Like for real's breakdowns. She and her sister were each adopted which comes up constantly and they are nothing alike.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Theater Whore: Dallas Buyers Club

I didn't know anything about Dallas Buyers Club going in. Cam wanted to check some movies out for weeks now and we finally got a chance to see two films. I had seen a image of Jared Leto as a very unattractive woman and Matthew McConaughey looking like he was close to dying but didn't know that these had anything to do with each other.

This is about a guy named Ron Woodruff who is a homophobic, likely racist rodeo cowboy. This guy snorts coke like it ain't no thing, has lots of random sex, and drinks while doing each of those other things. One day at work he ends up getting electrocuted and while at the hospital they tell him that he has HIV. HIV is still new at this point and people still believed (this is in 1985) that only gay men got it. Ridiculously, there are still people that think this way. Doctor tells him that he has just 30 says to live which pisses him off.

Theater Whore: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Oh my lord. Why did I decide to watch this movie? I'm still not sure. I read the book and liked the first 90% of it but the last 10% was just so bad that it ruined the first parts. I have not read Hunger Games: Catching Fire but decided that I wasn't done punishing myself and saw this. All the same folks are back, some other new ones, and conflicts that make no sense.

Katniss and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) who won the games the previous year have pissed off President Snow (Donald Sutherland) because of their little stunt they pulled where they tried to kill themselves and not have any winner. After they did this all these other broke ass Districts started rebelling like “After doing the same bullshit for 74 years let's all finally fight back!” 

Snow shows up at her place and tells her to fall in love with Peeta even though she actually is in love with Gale (Liam Hemsworth) because fuck you, Gale is far superior to Peeta in every single way. Katniss and Peeta have to go on a tour to every District and promote the upcoming games. This old Black dude starts to whistle and gets his head blown off.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Theater Whore: 12 Years A Slave

I have heard some people say that 12 Years A Slave either made them mad or was super violent. It is very violent as any film that takes place during slavery will be, but it didn't make me mad. I cant be mad about slavery anymore. Disappointed that it happened, yes. But to see a movie like this and leave ready to go bonkers on White people is just silly. You and I were never slaves. Enough of my small rant. My film would have been called 12 Minutes A Slave: The Tale Of A Man Being Shot Immediately

This movie does quite a bit of jumping back and forth at first between showing Solomon Northup (who was a real dude) played by Chiwetel Ejifor as a free man living up North and his time on a plantation in New Orleans (Michael K. Williams makes too far a short appearance as well). He is shown being beaten and trying to explain who he is and everyone is kinda like “No, you are Platt! Now go pick cotton!” Which he does. He was drugged and sold into slavery so its like Taken for Black people.

Happy Black people in 1800's means something bad's about to happen!

I know this sounds ridiculous for someone who is laying on a comfy ass bed and writing a movie review, but I've always said that I would rather just die. I honestly would. Life is awesome...in 2013. This is a guy that was actually free. As free as a Black man could be in 1841. After a few months (meaning days) of this bullshit I'd rather just not exist. Fuck being hit. Benedict Cumberbatch buys Solomon and Paul Dano is his “master” so the creepy factor has just doubled considerably.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Top Five Rappers Of All Time

For anyone that doesn't know, I'm a huge fan of music. Like, lots of music. I started The Ross Radio Show just to share all the types I love listening to with the world. There isn't a single day that goes by where I don't listen to at the very least an two and a half hours of music. Lately I have been listening to and reading lots of lists, most being the best rapper of all time. This is an issue that almost no one is going to agree on because there is so many different forms of rap and rappers. Some say hip-hop but when I use that word I have to actually pause a split second and say it. My brain goes to “rap” automatically.

Making my own list wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be though at the last second I did change who my number one was. If you ask me for my top five ten years from as we're hunkered down waiting for the dirt people to leave town with fresh new victims I'll probably have one or two other rappers on here. But as of this date, November 26th 2013, these are my Top Five Rappers Of All Time.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Watching The American Music Awards 2013 Via My Twitter

So I was watching the American Music Awards 2013 and feeling like an old ass man not knowing what the sounds that were coming from my TV meant and asking out loud far too often “Who is that? What are these kids wearing? Who left the goddamn door open?!” I was acting a damned fool on my Twitter to spare my friends on Facebook. Just start at the bottom and work your way up. Like with relationships. 

Ross Radio Quickie Show 3

In this episode I play some getting ready for work music. Ini Kamoze Hotstepper, Naughty By Nature Feel Me Flow, Digital Underground Same Song, Heavy D. More Bounce, and Nice & Smooth Hip Hop Junkies. Click here to download this and previous Ross Radio Quickie Shows

Nothing But Gossip November 24th 2013

Oh my lord there is some weird shit said by Conrad Murray aka Dr. I Help Kill People. In an interview he said “You want to know how close we were? I held his penis every night to fit a catheter because he was incontinent at night. He wore dark trousers all the time because after he went to the toilet he would drip for hours." And then “Michael didn't know how to put a condom on, so I had to do it for him.” How close can one be with another?!

Lamar Odom posted a video of himself rapping in the bathroom with no shirt on. He says he was not high as fuck, but just drunk. A friend was with him who didn't say “Uh, maybe this should not be recorded right now.”

The day before Miley Cyrus' 21st party he place was burgled. They made off with jewelry. Her pride was stolen around her 17th birthday. In each case, no one has been found responsible.

And she did this to her eyebrows.

Remember that band Crazytown? Of course you don't. They had one hit song. Anyhoot, the lead “singer” Shifty Shellshock's baby mama wants full custody of their son because he smoked crack in the kids room. She knew who he was and what he did before she let him insert himself in her, right?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Theater Whore: Thor: The Dark World

Well...fuck. You know that thing that used to happen more often in the early 2000's when a movie would have a shit ton of good actors in it but it would still be a terrible film? That's Thor: The Dark World. This movie had everything that angers me in action films. Humor when there doesn't need to be, random ass soldiers that are supposed to be so dangerous but are easily killed, and goddamn smoke monsters! I hate smoke monsters. No, you don't even understand. Let me talk about this hour and a half long TV show passing itself off as a movie.

It starts off with a battle happening years and years ago where the bad guys lose and hide something important. Not destroy it, hide it. This ain't Christmas! Meanwhile in the present Tom Hiddleston as Loki is being arrested for all the bullshit he did in The Avenger's and is locked up. Meaning hidden. Again. This ain't Christmas! Kill this fucker! In a few days he revealed that the gods were really real and tried to bring aliens to Earth and destroy it. Fuck this guy. Natalie Portman playing Dr. Jane Foster aka The Least Likely Doctor Since Denise Richards In The World Is Not Enough is still on Earth looking up mysterious shit and waiting for Thor to come back even though he's been gone for two years and the last time he was on Earth he didn't even come by to say hello.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Insert Coin: Marble Madness

“Marble Madness is an isometric platform game in which the player manipulates an onscreen marble from a third-person perspective. The player controls the marble's movements with a trackball, though most home versions use game controllers with directional pads. The aim of the game is for the player to complete six maze-like, isometric race courses before a set amount of time expires. When a player completes a race, the remaining time is added to the next race's allotted time. The game also allows two players to compete against each other.”

Yeah. If you wanna find out just how hard someone can hit play this game with them. This one was of the most aggravating video games ever created. This isn't like Tetris where you can go “Oh, this goes there and I will win the round” and you go too far and fuck up and lose. No. Marble Madness seemed as if it was set up to make you fail and lose your shit completely. The sad thing is that I rented this game three weekends in a row from the video store. RIP Cal-Fal Video.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ross Radio Quickie Show 2

In this episode I play a few of my favorite songs from the band The Cult. Fire Women, Sweet Soul Sister, She Sells Sanctuary, and Love Removal Machine. Click here to download this and previous Ross Radio Quickies.