Monday, February 16, 2015

You Had One Job: Constantine

I have been watching the Constantine series on NBC and for the most part it has been good. Then it got okay. Then I just watched the last few episodes and wondered exactly what the fuck happened. This show has been in an uphill battle from the start with the crappy time slot it had of Friday nights at 10pm. It has since moved earlier but still on Friday nights. Since it is on NBC I started watching knowing that chances are the it was going to be canceled mid-season or after the first. That's their style.

Even though there were some things to nitpick I liked the show at first. The fact that he couldn't smoke on the show but showing him shooting up heroin was fine. He can smoke now but its too often now. Its like when a kid is allowed to curse. Then there's the whole love angle that feels so shoehorned. This show has no need for that and watching it unfold just made me cringe. Last nights episode was a joke. It just sucked and felt like they were building up a spinoff series with The Spectre that is laughable considering they can barely keep their own show on the air. I'm getting ahead of myself.

The cast consists of John Constantine who is played by Matt Ryan. He's a supernatural detective fighting the forces of Hell using dark arts. He is a good choice. His voice, his look, and his portrayal is good to me. I liked him from the start. His partner Chas is played by Charles Halford and he is by far my favorite on the show. He dies and comes back to life and by the time it was finally explained clearly why he could I wished they hadn't.

Angélica Celaya plays Zed. She has a past that is so mysterious that I no longer care to learn about it. When they did shine light on it I didn't give a damn. Its weak. But she is fucking hot. And last there is Manny the angel played by Harold Perrineau. I liked him at first but the heel turn he just had made me scoff. Like, hardcore scoff. What made this even worse is that this was the season finale. I thought there was one more episode and that this was a random throwaway. Knowing that this show may never return or return on another channel made me upset that I wasted my time even watching this.

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