Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stop It Kanye West

I really struggled with writing this one. I have liked Kanye West for quite some time now. He’s a talented producer and has created some really good beats. Yeah, I’m fully aware that he raps over these beats but this guy is not a good rapper. The funny thing about his last album is that he is usually the worst part of the song. Whenever he says that he is one of the best rappers of all time I think “Yeah, if this was the year 2 A.D.” You know that thing when you keep giving someone a chance and they keep fucking it up with their behavior? That’s the definition of this guy and he needs to stop it.

Happy happy, joy joy.

He walks around with a perpetual “someone farted in church” face. He never looks happy and when he does its when he thinks he just said something incredible. For someone that has millions of dollars, worldwide recognition, and got a woman who was voted the most beautiful or hot woman in the world multiple times he sure doesn’t seem happy. And let’s talk about his baby mama for a minute, Kim Kardashian.

This isn’t gonna be me bashing Kim. That’ll be for another blog in a few weeks when she does something stupid. But Kanye got with Kim knowing who she was: a chick that got famous for fucking a D-List “singer” on tape. And loving the Blackers. Seriously, she supports the Black community more than the NAACP.

Here she is doing God's work.

Its not even a good tape by the way. Had to get that out of my system. It really isn’t. So he decides to knock up Kim and then gets mad when photographers want to talk to them or take pictures. Listen, douche. That is the only reason anyone even talks about your woman. She doesn’t have any other talent besides standing there and looking pretty. She cant sing, act, dance, or karate. Her job is to stand there and let folks take pictures of her. Don’t let her talk because when she does a baby giraffe dies. 

Here she is not doing karate.

For a while his dumb ass behavior was people saying he was acting out because he survived that accident years ago. Good for him. Spent years recovering and getting facial reconstruction on his jaw…only to get diamond teeth implants. Then people blamed his behavior on his mom dying getting surgery she didn’t need from a doctor shadier than an umbrella at midnight. Then there was the “George Bush hates Black people” rant. And the Taylor Swift thing. And the posing like Jesus thing.  I mean, come on with the come on! 

"Let me hold that for ya..."

Lately he has been acting worse. There have been stories about him cheating on Kim with multiple women including this new one that did an interview named Leyla Ghodabi. She isn’t even all that cute. She’s an L.A 4 ½. Maybe when she grows up she’ll look cuter. Anyhoot, I think I have figured out why he is acting like such an assclown. I think he is suffering from buyers remorse.


Well, I guess in this case it would be fuckers remorse. He has admitted to wanting to have Kim for years. In songs and in the press he has said this and he finally got her. Yeah, it was while she was still married with someone but whatever. So he got the brass (emphasis on the ass) ring and is panicking. He is having a baby with the woman that likes to fuck fame. The woman known for taking dick on film. The woman that has to release apologies when she decides to speak. The woman that was married twice and one was for less than three months until she decided to bang Kanye. The woman whose mother controls her career. The woman who is more well known for one part of her body. Hint: its not her smile. 

Yoga pants fail! Sentence: Hindu squats!

He is suffering from the same thing that Justin Bieber is. That thing where you start hanging with people harder than you and then you start to think that you’re just as hard as they are. Kanye isn’t a thug. He’s a fucking nerd. I’m a fucking nerd but I don’t pretend to be anything else. He was the kid in school being made fun of for their clothes, their voice, and the way they looked. He’s an insecure asshole that no one is sitting down and saying “Calm your shit down.” Stop it, Kanye West.

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