Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sex & The City With Dante

Hello. My name is Dante and I have watched every single episode of Sex & The City. I sat and watched them an entire season at a time and loved it despite thinking that I would hate it. Esepcially since it stars Sarah Jessica Parker who I really don’t like looking at for more than a moment. This is about the characters though, not the real people so opinions in this are based solely on the show, not real life. If you haven’t seen this show, you should check it out. You may like it. Don’t judge me.

Carrie Bradshaw. She works as a columinist and spends lots of money on clothes and shoes. I could just say that and it’ll pretty much cover Carrie. But then I wouldn’t get the chance to mention the fact that she ruins perfectly good men in New York. She has an on again off again “relationship” with Mr. Big who is a total dick. She even makes his fiance fall down some stars and chip her tooth! Its like she intentionally finds men who are wrong for her and decides “Oh, he’s cute. Lets see what I can do to make him bitter!” She meets Aiden who is just about the best guy ever and breaks his heart. When he bumps into her a while later and has a kid and stuff I screamed at the screen “Stay away from her!” She ends up with Mr. Big and I’m happy because I like when two messed up people hook up.

Miranda Hobbes. I loved Miranda. She was a lawyer and my favorite out of all the women. Mostly because she called Carrie out on her bullshit and she was the most logical. She is way more stern in early seasons than later on when she hooks up with Steve. Oh, I loved her and Steve! Its funny but a lot of the guys she dated reminded me of myself which I’m not sure is a good thing or not. Out of everyone she dates the weirdest guys. She hooked up with a fake doctor, some phone sex guy, and a Peeping Tom. She eventually marries Steve and has a son. Her life seems to be the most normal, which isn’t hard compared to her crazy ass friends. One of the funniest scenes between her and a guy she was dating was when he got off by women, uh, tossing his salad (click here if you don't know what that means). He sticks his butt in her face and waves it around and she screams "I don't like it!" I died laughing every time they showed that episode.

Charlotte York. I thought Charlotte was cute but misguided in her views towards relationships. Never thought she was hot until there was an episode where she was jogging and had on tight pants and a sports bra. After that she was all I focused on. She had the worst run of dates on the show and ended up catching crabs from one dude and having to suffer through one getting an adult circumcission. She ends up with Trey who has problems getting it up in bed. And by “up” I mean his spirits. She ended up taping pictures of herself in his porno magazines. They end up splitting because of her fertility issues and she ends up with a guy that gives hope to all us ugly men. The thing that bugged me about her relationship with Trey was that you knew it was doomed almost from the start. Not even the fact that he couldn't get aroused by her, but his mother Bunny was a bitch! There seriously was nothing nice about that woman.

Samantha Jones. She is what people call “the slutty friend” but who I call “the friendly friend.” A self confessed “try-sexual”, she has the most sexual partners than all of her friends combined. She ends up having swing sex, multiple partner sex, a couple of gay dudes, and ends up sleeping with a young guy that happens to have the same name as her. Eventually she hooks up with Smith Jerrod and helps him get famous by getting his face on vodka ads. She gets cancer and he sticks with her and even goes so far as to shave his head in support of her. She’s my second favorite after Miranda.

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