Friday, June 24, 2016

The Review: Preacher Episodes 3 & 4 (I Quit)

Preacher The Possibilities & Swamp Monster 2/10

I think I am done watching Preacher on AMC. Its not because it is so not like the comics that I can rage about that. I'm not even mad wen I watch the show. Its just a huge letdown and disappointment. They have a lot of good actors and the way the show looks is pretty groovy, but the story four episodes in feels like a waste of my time. I told my friend that I was gonna stick around for four episodes and if it hadn't pulled me in by that time that I was gonna quit and that is what I'm doing. There are a lot of other shows that I can either watch or check out for the first time. I totally missed the second season of Fargo so I'm gonna watch all of those within a week. This show is just turning out to be dull and each episode made me lose more and more interest in the characters. It sucks. I like watching TV.

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