Saturday, November 1, 2014

In Defense Of Channing Tatum As Gambit

Stop the presses! Channing Tatum has been announced as playing Gambit in a standalone film as well as the new X-Men movie! Now, a lot of people are upset about this. Why? Because they are haters and have not accepted the fact that this guy that your woman wants to bang would actually be able to pull this off.

I know how it feels. I used to hate this guy. I only knew him as the hot guy in films I would only watch to get laid by a girl that had a moment of weakness and I was the closest available man or the dude from those terrible looking Step Up movies. I borderline hated this guy. But then I saw 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike and all of a sudden he was likable.

For anyone worried that he won't be able to pretend/act like he is from Louisiana calm down. He was born and raised in the South. No one needs to worry if he will be athletic enough or be able to pull off fight scenes. He can and will. Do you honestly think that he can do worse than Taylor Kitsch did? Do you remember pudgy Gambit? I do!

That guy was horrible as Gambit. Just horrible. For years people have wanted Gambit in film. And they got it and it stank. It stank so hard that no one wanted it to happen again. But now we have a chance to see a Gambit that is everything that the previous one was including successful. When interviewed a while back about the role Channing had this to say.

I would do anything to be in those movies. I mean, I love the Marvel world and what they’ve created as a real brand and they've sort of changed the face of the industry. I would be in anything they put up, especially Gambit.”

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