Friday, August 1, 2014

DVDiculous: Batman Assault On Arkham

Once again DC proves that when it comes to animated features they are head above shoulders superior to Marvel. This movie Batman: Assault On Arkham is one of the most bad ass animated movies I have ever seen. The premise is pretty basic and that is what makes this even better. You take six criminals who are serving hard time, cut a deal with them for shorter sentences if they survive the mission, and let all hell break loose. Out of the six of the Suicide Squad I was not familiar with four of the members but after seeing this I am interested in finding out more about them.
You have Deadshot who is kind of the team leader because he is the least insane. He is good with weapons and wants to be able to see his daughter. There is Harley Quinn who is now split with The Joker and has attached herself to Deadshot. Captain Boomerang who has issues with Deadshot and is constantly trying to prove that he isn’t the butt of the joke. Black Spider who is a modern day ninja and holds his own against Batman. He trusts no one on the team. King Shark who is a metahuman and can and will bite the heads off of people. Last there is Killer Frost who until seeing this I thought was one of the lamest characters in the DCU.

Amanda Waller tells the team to sneak into Arkham Asylum without drawing attention of law enforcement, especially Batman. They are supposed to find and kill The Riddler but Killer Frost is given a side mission. Turns out Riddler was once a member of the Suicide Squad and figured out how to defuse the bombs implanted in their necks. Forgot to mention that. They step out of line, their heads get blown off. KGBeast found this out the hard way. Batman isn’t the star of this but makes enough appearances. The Joker shows up and the development of the other bad guys is so good that he doesn’t steal the spotlight from them.
Between the animation, the music, and even the opening credits this is one of my favorite movies period this year. Next to Justice League: Flash Point, Justice League: Doom, and Superman Vs. The Elite I am damned excited about what DC is doing with these movies. I also should say that Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill return as Batman and Joker which made me feel good inside. If you get a chance to see this please do. I plan on watching it at least three more times this coming week. 
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KJ said...

It's actually Troy Baker as The Joker, doing a Mark Hamill as The Joker copy. Pretty good facsimile right?

Dante said...

Are you serious?! Wow. Keep that man on board! He was great.

KJ said...

Yep, serious, IMDB confirms it. He started doing the Joker for the videogame Arkham Origins, having previously voiced Two Face and Robin in the Arkham videogame series. He's returning as Two Face in Arkham Knight. He's also exceptional as Joel in 'The Last of Us'.