Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nothing But Gossip August 14th 2014

Comedian/actor Robin Williams has killed himself at the age of 63 after years of battling depression by attempting to slit his wrists and then hanging himself. Williams' body was found by his assistant. He also had a history of drug and alcohol abuse.

Todd Bridges from Diff'rent Strokes fame has apologized after making comments regarding Williams' being selfish by committing suicide. “You don't think that my life has been hell and I've had so many ups and downs now. If I did that what am i showing my children that when it gets tough that's the way out No you gotta buckle down ask God to help you. That's when prayer really comes into effect.” Look. Everyone handles life in their own ways. Some can deal, some can't. Some have mental issues, drug problems, or are just sick of struggling. Not everyone wants to talk about feeling so bad they want to end their lives. We never know exactly what's going on in someone else's head. How many times have you heard of someone seeming happy that ended up dying?

Kendall Jenner is suing an 18 year old waitress who claims that Jenner skipped out on a bill after eating and threw the money in her face after being chased down. Jenner's lawyer says that while Jenner did forget to pay (who the fuck forgets to pay for lunch except people who never have to pay for lunch?) she did pay when asked. Now the waitress is being blasted for trying to gain fame because she wants to be an actress.

The Rock's mother Ata Maivia-Johnson and cousin Lina Fanene were involved in a head on collision after a drunk ass girl was running from cops. They will be fine after suffering injuries. 

MMA fighter War Machine beat the living shit out of his girlfriend Christy Mack after allegedly finding her with another guy. He is still on the run from police but still tweeting. “@ChristyMack I love you and hope you're okay. I came him(sp) early to surprise you and help you set up for your convention. I can't believe what I found and can't believe what happened. Mack has 18 broken bones and a ruptured liver. If you wanna see what he did to her the pictures are online. A year ago while doing an interview after he got her name tattooed across his neck he was asked what he would do if they split. “R.I.P...a memorial to my dead girlfriend” to which she added “Honestly, I would probably deserve it.”

Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas has ripped into Rev. Al Sharpton after showing up to join in protests over the shooting death of Michael Brown at the hands of St. Louis police. “the stats also show AL coon sharpton has not helped one situation he has protested at,he actually made it worst and because of him the jury goes the other way”, “pleaseeeeee stop asking #alsharpton to speak or ur behalf,you have a better chance having #caesar the monkey from #planetoftheapes to get justice for you”, “#AL ur like a #THOT in the club,lookn for attention what u said at trayvons rally #enoughisenough ur right were tired of u PRETENDING.” On case you're wondering, a THOT means “That Hoe Over There” and is used to describe club girls that dress a particular way. 

A judge has ordered that Chris Brown have less drug tests taken a week going from three to two. Yeah, the same guy who was being carried out of a club drunk as all shit and will likely be in trouble at least three times before the end of the year. 

George Clooney's fiancee Amal Alamuddin may or may not be pregnant.

Two cops are in trouble for letting Ray J go after pulling him over for texting while driving. He took pictures with both of them and he got off free. Kids, stop going to school. Just get famous.

Rapper(?) Future and singer(?) Ciara have called off their engagement after splitting up. She recently gave birth to their three month old son. Future now has four kids with four women he is no longer with. Way to go, kid!

Kim Kardashian is tired of trying to be there and support her brother Rob Kardashian over his depression and weight gain. “I try to encourage him, and once you don't make that change for so patience wears out.” She has also released a book containing 352 selfies which I assumed were all taken within a week.

That cop knows what's up.

Justin Bieber has copped a plea deal in his drunk driving arrest in Miami. He will have to go to twelve hours of anger management and a $50,000 charitable donation. He recently plead in his other case when he egged the neighbors house. In that he got two years probation, five days of labor (community service), and ponied up $80,900 and was told to head to anger management. There needs to be asshole management classes for folks.

Rapper Tyga and Blac Chyna (not sure what she is known for other than her ass) have split and of course they have a child.

Racer Tony Stewart hit and killed another driver Kevin Ward Jr. after Ward was upset at being hit by Stewart during the race. Ward got out of his car, on the track where a race was still taking place, and confronted Stewart who peeled off. Ward was launched and died.

Turns out Columbus Short sent a text message to the guy he cold cocked a while back in the bar. “I know im texting and incriminating myself but I have to own what I did wrong in that situation. Im so sorry and completely disappointed in myself. Whether I go to jail or not that will be the worst punishment of all. Losing you guys.”

Casey Kasem's body is now in Canada and on its way to Norway...maybe. That man died two months ago!

Kylie Jenner turned 17 and celebrated at a club with booze there, a lot of grown ass men, and a cake with a dick on top.

Brody Jenner filmed his father Bruce Jenner being pulled over and warned by cops in Malibu for showing off in his car. He was let off with a warning because fame.

The little girl from Pan's Labyrinth, Ivana Baquero, is 20 and hot now.

David Duchovny and Tea Leoni divorced and no one even knew...or cared. They first married in 1997 and separated twice. They have two children, ages 12 and 15. 

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