Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Upcoming Marvel Studio Films Excitement Levels

Marvel Studios just released a list of their upcoming films which is called Phase 3. With a total of nine films that seems like quite a bit but DC released a list of ten (click here to read that) so it doesn't seem quite as bad particularly when you take into account that DC is stretching with some of their choices. Meanwhile Marvel has me either confused or excited about theirs.

Marvel has their movies coming out at an alarming rate once they are released which seems to be cramming as much in as they can. This can be good if you are a fan or have lots of money but bad if you don't or have no back story on some of the characters. As much shit as I talk about DC for making an Aquaman film starring a guy that has the acting skills that border on Klingon, people still know who the hell Aquaman is.

May 6 2016: Captain America: Civil War

Excitement Level: 5/5

Such excite! I have loved both of the Captain America films when in reality expected these to be the absolute most dull out of any of them. I never thought that a guy frozen and brought back to life that fought with a shield could kick so much ass and bring such a great dynamic to a team that has a monster, a metal man, and a god. I'm confident that whatever they do with this guy it will be exciting at the least and mind-blowing at the most.

November 4 2016: Doctor Strange

Excitement Level: 4/5

Yes! I used to be a big fan of this guy and am happy that he is getting his own film. Years ago I thought that Robert Downey Jr. should play him but we all know how that turned out. Early this year when I heard there was a movie planned I made a list of the three actors I thought should play him and one of them, Benedict Cumberbatch, may actually be doing it. This film could either be terrible or shockingly good.

May 5 2017: Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Excitement Level: 5/5

I loved the first film way too much to not be excited about the next. I don't even care what the plot is supposed to be as long as the same cast is involved. I laughed when I first heard they were even being made into a movie thinking that Marvel had run out of ideas. Boy, did they prove my dumbass wrong! If this is even half as good as the first it'll still be better than most.

July 28 2017: Thor: Ragnarok

Excitement Level: 1/5

No thank you. Thor is the Aquaman of the Avengers. Just have him show up, throw his hammer at something, and leave. Even the studios know that he is shit without Loki around to make him interesting. You could say Hulk is the heavy lifting brute, but at least he is interesting. They have managed to make a guy that is a damned god that lives in a magical land that you cross a rainbow bridge to get to uninteresting! How?! They can keep this shit. Ain't fooling me three times.

Nov 3 2017: Black Panther

Excitement Level: 3/5

Now, this is a cool character and all but he would need to be involved in the other films before a single damn is given by most people. And they have the guy that played Jackie Robinson and James Brown playing him because he is “That Black Guy” right now. This could have easily been Michael B. Jordan but he is gonna be in the Fantastic Four movie coming out. Actually, that didn't stop them from making Captain America be played by the same guy that played Human Torch. This should've come out years ago and starring Wesley Snipes or Djimon Hounsou. This has the potential to be cool.

July 6 2018: Captain Marvel

Excitement Level: 2/5

I am surprised that this is a thing. They are saying that Carol Danvers will be the Captain Marvel in this version which would be cool...if they could tie it to the X-Men films. I say that because at one point Rogue attacks her and steals her powers totally fucking her up. That is how Rogue got super strong and invulnerable. This could be a fun space movie or Marvel's version of Green Lantern.

Nov 2 2018: Inhumans

Excitement Level: 4/5

Oh, man. This could be really good or just really bad. I have been a fan of the Inhumans since that terrible FF cartoon when I was in junior high. This is a team that could have benefited from a series because there is so much history to them. The first five minutes of this film needs to be the best animated tale of them before a single actor is seen to explain what the fuck they are and why they haven't been seen. The joy of seeing a live action Black Bolt alone bumps this up one full point.

May 4 2018: Avengers: Infinity War Part I/May 3 2019: Avengers: Infinity War Part II

Excitement Level: 5/5

To me these films are gonna have to be the big blow off to everything else these previous movies have done. You can't have the Infinity Gems involved and not have every single character that has been in these Marvel films show up and just wreck shit. There should be worldwide damage, deaths, and introductions of whoever else is getting a movie next. Half this movie should look like the beginning of Saving Private Ryan and the other half Guardians Of The Galaxy

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