Saturday, October 18, 2014

Babbling Old Man: Boss Ni**er

Sometimes known as The Boss, Boss, or the movie I add asterisks to, Boss Ni**er is a Blacksploitation written, produced, and starring former NFL player Fred Williamson as Boss Ni**er. His partner is Amos played by D'Urville Martin who directed Dolemite. This movie had no right to be as good as it was. I was expecting to laugh my ass off at how bad it was, but it is really a well made and directed movie.

The director Jack Arnold has directed classic movies like Creature From The Black Lagoon, and The Incredible Shrinking Man as well as the TV shows The Fall GuyThe Brady BunchGilligan's Island, and Wonder Woman. This makes a huge difference. I know there are far more popular Westerns like anything with Clint Eastwood or even the classic Django. But this blew that movie out of the water. Even the fact that n-bombs are dropped constantly and the music is straight up funk, it is still good.

Boss and Amos are a couple of bounty hunters that stumble across a bounty that also has a contract to be the new sheriff in a small town called San Miguel. They show up on their horses and people are beyond shocked. The mayor tries to tell them to go but they blackmail him. Next thing you know they are charging people money for breaking their rules or tossing them in jail. Rules like using the n-word or not saying hello. Sounds fair to me.

I've seen a lot of movies like this and am shocked that it took me stumbling across the theme song online and loving it to find out that this even existed. Once you get past the title that makes it hard to discuss this movie around people it is pretty damned good.

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