Thursday, October 16, 2014

DVDiculous: Welcome To The Punch

I heard about this movie while watching an interview called Welcome To The Punch and decided to check it out because of the title and because Mark Strong is who I would want to be if I were brought back to life as a White guy. He just looks badass. This is about a detective in England named Max Lewinsky played by James McAvoy chasing after a criminal named Jacob Sternwood played by Strong. And then the story starts to fall apart after that.

During a heist Strong shoots McAvoy in the leg making him miserable. He is the one that got away. Strong comes back after years away when his son is caught up in some shit that ends up making a 90 minute film seem like two hours. The first scene is cool with the heist and watching McAvoy obsess over catching Strong. But then it turns out that everyone that has a shadow is dirty and it is just a cliché movie that wastes two awesome ass guys. Lots of great actors in this actually but for nothing. This could've been an awesome movie with some trimming and rewrites. Then I noticed it was written and directed by the same person and sighed.

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