Saturday, October 4, 2014

I Survived The Wonder Woman Pilot

That was something else. For some reason Wonder Woman popped into my head and I wanted to see if I could watch that terrible looking series that never aired from 2011. Turns out that it is everywhere online so I watched it and it was actually worse than I was expecting.

Now, I am not being harsh on things like special effects because it isn't complete. Here Lasso of Truth is a cartoon at times, the Invisible Jet looks like ass, and the same two girls cheer for her on two separate occasions. But I can talk about the writing and the acting both of which were just...ugh.

Adrianne Palicki plays Wonder Woman aka Diana Themyscira. She is a business woman and a vigilante. I refuse to call her a hero. Imagine if The Punisher were allowed to walk freely with no fear of being arrested. She puts a pipe through a mans neck! A normal man! The super powered ones just got tossed around the room. In her Diana form she is a miserable woman that can't find a man, has no friends, and sits at home talking to her cat. I shit you not, this is the Wonder Woman thy wanted to give the world.

In this episode she solves a case that would've been the plot of a season of another series by brute force. Police tell her that she needs to follow the law and wait for the justice system and she is like “Fuck that noise!” and barges into hospitals threatening suspects, enters places with no warrants, and kills and assaults people. She is a Justice Lord. She behaves the way the evil versions of The Justice League behaved which is why Batman had a backup plan to kill their asses if they ever started tripping.

She does start off wearing that tacky outfit that drove the world nuts but by the end of the episode she is wearing the classic outfit. Too little too late. By the time those star spangled draws showed up I was already blurry eyed from laughing. Thankfully this show never got picked up because it would've been canceled after a few episodes. It was gonna air on NBC. You know how they do. 

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