Tuesday, October 7, 2014

All Grown An' Shit 5

A few hours ago I was just sitting here doing what I normally do when home alone. Watching Youtube, writing, eating cereal, or wondering why girls don't like me. Then all of a sudden I thought of an actress that I used to have a hardcore crush on when I was a kid. Her name is Ebonie Smith. Most people know her from The Jefferson's, Gimme A Break, of the youngest daughter in Lethal Weapon. I first saw her on TV and immediately fell in love. Yeah. It was that easy when I was young.

I remember thinking that she looked like a lot of girls I liked at the time which meant I would have no chance with her. One day years ago I'm watching Family Matters, like I do, and she pops up on the screen with Cherie Johnson wearing cheerleader outfits. I had to leave the room for a moment. It was just too much for me.

One handed typing: initiate.

Fast forward even more years and she pops up on Xena: Warrior Princess. Now, I know that they say this show was about women empowerment and all that but mostly it was porn for nerds like me. The crush was back! And she looked good.

This is the most recent picture I can find of her. She hasn't done any acting since 2000 because she decided to go learn stuff an be all smart. I want a more recent picture of her. Don't bother looking online. I've tried. Are there any other crushes (male or female) you had growing up that you wonder what they look like now?

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