Friday, October 24, 2014

Nothing But Gossip October 24th 2014

Kat Von D's tattoo shop caught fire causing damage to her shop as well as the barbershop next door. I have passed that place a ton of times. That intersection is known for car accidents. That barbershop is smart and have meta posts because cars love flying through there. I'm gonna blame that Thai pace next door. Remember you read that here first. She went off on reporters and camera people at the scene.

Actor Stephen Collins is upset that since the audio recording of him admitting to molesting children came out her can't get work. Whah! I'm a rapist that can't find a job! Whah!

Chris Brown has had his community service upped to four days a week at 8 hours each. He should be done by the start of next year...and months later you know his ass will be in trouble again.

Director Bryan Singer is having a baby with his long time friend Michelle Clunie. Yeah, I know he was accused of raping a minor. Yeah, I know he is gay. Its fine. Its fine.

Tyrese Gibson and Sanaa Lathan may be dating. She is that cute chick you grew up with but didn't pay attention to because you didn't know the rules: lot of normal looking girls turn into smoking hot women.

Perry “Pebbles” Reid is saying that horrible TLC movie has cost her money and damaged her reputation. Woman, people have been taking shit about you for 20 years. Everyone knows she fucked those poor girls over back in the day. She is suing for $40 million. Pffft. Might as well throw a unicorn in there while she's at it.

Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend of 14 years (goddamn!) Safaree have split and now he is spending times covering up the tattoos of her name and face his dumb ass got on his chest and body. Apparently he was her hype man. I doubt that could've been a hard job.

Tori Spelling is in the hospital and it is being said that she is just pretending to be sick to get attention. Between her raggedy ass marriage, a reality TV show that isn't working out, and blowing through all her money, she needs people to look at her. I had no idea her dad left her only $800,000. I say only because that man was stank ass rich. It is now being reported that she suffered a nervous breakdown. Take. Away. Her. Phone.

Jennifer Lopez will be performing in Las Vegas doing stage shows for two years. She will get $26 million for this. Wow. I can think of maybe two songs of hers that I like but not a whole show worth. Her little boyfriend Casper picked the wrong time to fuck up and cheat on her.

Stop the presses! Britney Spears has extended her Las Vegas deal and will be making $29 million over the next two years. Her little boyfriend picked the wrong time to cheat on her. Not a typo. Happened to both those ladies.

Dina Lohan will be on the next season of Millionaire Matchmaker. Yeah...but no. No way.

Kris Jenner is releasing a cookbook which is like me releasing a book on dating advice. She posed with Gordon Ramsey whose last name I misspell even after working 6 seasons on Hell's Kitchen. Her is the version of the picture he posted.

And hers with a little bit of filtering...

Speaking of the Kardashian's, Khloe who is still my favorite, does not have Lionel Richie as her father. His name was the latest to be used as such. We all know its OJ Simpson.

Mama June from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is dating Mark McDaniel. Who is he? Oh, just a guy that just spent the last ten years in prison for molesting a child. Turns out she dated him back then and the child is still close to the family and should be about 18 right now.

Melissa Rivers plans on suing the clinic where her mother, Joan Rivers, died at during a procedure. This would be easier if she hadn't rushed to cremate her. Melissa inherited $100 million after her death. My parents are gonna leave me debt.

Jordin Sparks is single and making bad decisions! She recently pierced her nose. If you don't know her she was the chubby cute chick from American Idol that became a thinner cute chick. Can people stop taking pictures at the goddamn gym already?!

No. Everyone needs to know when its cool to rob my house.

Remember a while back that actress from Django Unchained Daniele Watts got handcuffed for being an asshole and saying she and her boyfriend were stopped by LAPD for making out? Then those pictures came out of them fucking in the car? Now she and her man can be charged with lewd conduct and get 6 months in jail. They released a statement and I was gonna post it but fuck both of 'em.

David Arquette and his fiancee Christina McLarty were filmed as she chased him down the street screaming his name and him telling her that they are through. She just had a kid with him in April. He said of the incident that they are still engaged and “We are both hormonal and haven't slept in 6 months. Christina is still breastfeeding, I feel like I am.” He probably hasn't slept because he owns some strip cubs. I don't think guys get to use that hormone excuse.

I recently wrote a post about US Magazine and Renee Zellweger regarding her recent surgery. Or whenever the hell she got it. There are people who like her look, people who are saying that it is a shame that men can age and get no shit for it but women do, and then there are people like me that say “You don't look like the same person anymore!” For me it has nothing to do with her age or gender. I talked mad shit when Kenny Rogers showed up looking like a kitty cat after his surgery.

Nicholas Brendon who was on Buffy The Vampire Slayer was arrested while drunk as shit and high on pain medication. He says he plans to check into rehab. He's been in trouble before. I sold porn to this guy years ago. It was funny.

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