Friday, May 10, 2013

So Much Hate: TLC Bio Still Happening

They did it! Damn it, they did it! As much as I protested it they are going ahead with that damned TLC bio on VH1. In a previous blog I talked about the main reason I was pissed was because of the fact that they picked “rapper” Lil Mama to play Left Eye in the thing. The other chicks are cute and they actually look just like or close enough to the others. But Left Eye? Not even kinda close! This damned girl look like she is tweaking balls!

The one playing T Boz, Drew Sidora, looks close enough to her where I cant really complain. She just looks like she is making an angry face. Its fine. Keke Palmer can do no wrong and looks just like Chilli. And, oh, there's Lil Mama stinking up the joint with her jacked up version of Left Eye. You have no idea how much this bothers my teenage penis.

I know that I'm gonna end up watching this nonsense at some point. Just sitting at home with a glass of Jack & Coke smoking a grape Smooth & Mild and scowling like some sort of super villain. Just random rage which is a healthy form of rage. At least that's what my self therapist says. The worst part is that the two living members of TLC are not only cool with this being made they are consulting! Why, lord, why?!


KJ said...

How could they get the casting for Chilli so right, and for Left Eye so wrong?

Dante said...

I don't even know. Just looking at this picture again is pissing me off. I cant for anything figure out why they picked Lil Mama. Her legs are the size of Left Eye's arm.