Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Demand It!: The After

While checking for something to watch after seeing The Avengers for the 8th time I stumbled across a show called The After. It was created by Chris Carter of X-Files fame for Amazon in the hopes of being voted for and picked up as a series. This is the story of a bunch of people trying to survive...something. I'm not quite sure what the hell happened to the city (maybe the world) but whatever it is, shit's wrecked.

So many spoilers.

It starts off with this married mother going to an audition. On the way out she gets stuck in an elevator with a gay clown, an asshole with an accent, an old lady, and a cop. The elevator gets stuck and they eventually are able to escape. They end up in a parking lot where they are joined by an asshole lawyer and some chick he is boning.

Now with all of them locked in the parking structure an escaped convict that the cop was looking for shows up and there is a standoff. Eventually he stops long enough to help the mother escape. She gets outside and immediately regrets the decision.

Hey, its Hollywood Blvd...all the time.

The streets are crammed. A cop tells her its been like this for a day but to her its been less than an hour. She races home to get her phone (huh?!) while holding someone at fake gunpoint. She took it to her audition. She heads back to the parking lot to tell everyone that shit has hit all of the fans. The felon comes back in an ambulance and helps them escape to the old lady's house. She is rich!

While at the house accent dude gets drunk and fights, lawyer guy becomes more of a dick, the chick fucking him sounds religious, the old lady needs to be killed because she annoys me, the mother whines and gets mad when her phone dies. Maybe if you stop checking and watching videos of your daughter you'd had more juice! Oh, and they find out all of them have the same birthday. The old lady's maid comes back held at gunpoint by some thugs she knows. There is a gun fight and they flee into the woods.

While in the woods running the lawyer breaks his leg, the cop is worthless since she just handed her gun over to the thugs like she was hypnotized, and the felon is saving all the asses. Right when the mother is about to get killed he shoots this...thing.

What the fuck is that?! It is covered in tattoos and the lawyer fucker and the asshole with the accent have some of the same ones. It ends up spider walking away which would have made me just shoot myself in the face because fuck sleeping or taking a shit in peace ever again after seeing that.

This was an awesome show...that I'll probably never watch again. I was tricked. I already know that this show has no real ending (like these). It could be biblical. It could be aliens. But I just know there's no way for it to end that will satisfy me. I say watch the first episode like a movie and walk away.

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