Sunday, October 5, 2014

Demand It!: The Signal

The Signal is a movie that deserved far better attention than it got from everyone including me. I saw a trailer for this on Youtube and wanted to check it out because I'm a fan of Laurence Fishburne. So I decided to watch this while ironing clothes for no reason and this turned out to be a really good sci-fi movie.

This is full of spoilers.

These three MIT students are on a trip to drop their friend and Nic's former girlfriend Haley off in California. Jonah and Nic are busy battling a hacker named NOMAD who ends up hacking into Haley's computer and shows that they are watching them. They freak out but still track the hacker into a pace in Nevada and decided in the middle of the damned night to pay a visit. Such a bad idea.

Nic is bummed that Haley is leaving so he acts pissy and hints that she is leaving because he is handicapped. Another reason why heading to this place in the dead of night is silly. They leave her in the car and search an abandoned house when they hear Haley scream. They race outside and can't find her and you see a glimpse of her being snatched into the air and disappearing.

Nic wakes up in a sort of hospital and doesn't know what happened and wants to know where his friends are. Dr. Damon just quizzes him and refuses to give him answers. Nic talks to Jonah through a vent and tries to plan an escape. Nic starts to question his sanity and is getting impatient with being locked up. At one point he wakes up and has robot legs. This doesn't help him feel better.

After a crazy ass escape and meeting some very strange people Nic and Haley end up on the run once again. Dr. Damon and a military are searching for them and some of the weird people they meet seem to know who they are. 

Haley has a small robot chip on her back that looks similar to Nic's robot legs. They end up finding Jonah who had escaped previously. And he has bad ass robot arms!

The rest of this movie is a crazy mind fuck. It could have easily been just another bad sci-fi movie but the ending actually made me go “Holy shit that is awesome...” The fight scene at the end was really awesome as well as the special effects. This is a good story and it is hard to even begin to explain what happens at the end of this without sounding crazy.

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