Monday, February 10, 2014

Won't Be Fooled Again: Resurrection

I don't wait to complain. I saw a commercial for this new TV series on ABC and wrote on my Facebook page “Resurrection? Ha! Nice try. I'm not falling for this crap again. All these shows that have this outlandish premise but know they can't deliver. Terra Nova. Lost. Heroes. Flash Forward. Revolution. The Event. Stop it.” I even wrote a blog a while back about these kinda shows. Just from a 30 second commercial I can tell you that it will be lucky to make it till the end of the first season.

The series follows the residents of Arcadia, Missouri, whose lives are upended when their loved ones return from the dead, unaged since their deaths. Amongst the returned is Jacob Garland, an eight-year-old boy drowned thirty two years earlier. Having somehow been found alive in China, he is brought back to America by an immigration agent. His surprise return inspires the local sheriff, whose wife drowned trying to rescue Jacob, to learn more about this mystery.”

Obligatory gloomy cast shot. 

Uh-oh! Now this is either gonna be a case of aliens or a government conspiracy because no one is gonna touch it if it turns out to have a religious aspect to it. There was this book I read a while back that became one of my favorite books ever called Handling The Undead. You should check it out. Its from the same guy, John Ajvide Lindqvis, that wrote Let The Right One In which is also an incredible book. In it people come back from the dead but unlike this series they don't look the way they did when they disappeared. If your kid died drowning then a drowned looking body is now knocking on your door wanting to lay in its old bed. Its creepy as all shit.

"Welcome back! We'll be dead in a couple years!"

Back to this show. It wont last long. I'm sure the book its based off of did very well, someone saw this not realizing that other books had the exact same premise (not even including the one I mentioned), thought it was original because fuck research, and greenlit it. As I've said in the past, I'm not gonna be tricked into watching this show. 

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