Sunday, February 2, 2014

DVDiculous: Justice League War

DC Comics keeps on knocking them out the park when it comes to their animated films. This Justice League War was so cool that to me there's no need to hurry up and make a live action film. Some of these are so damned cool that to me that if they were released in theaters I'd see them. The animation is super on point and even though the original Batman voice isn't used its still acceptable. This is based off of the DC 52 universe so don't be confused because Batman and Superman have never met.

In Gotham there have been random kidnappings and people think its a vigilante. Green Lantern shows up and saves this ungrateful woman from this monster when Batman shows up and makes Lantern look like a jackass. Lantern is super cocky and doesn't want to listen to anything. Batman shocks him by letting him know that he's just a regular human. They decide to head to see Superman and a fight ensues because Lantern doesn't want to listen to anything.

Superman damn near kills the both of them during a fight. Batman calls him by his real name, Clark Kent, and Superman cheats using his x-ray vision and sees he is Bruce Wayne. Lantern doesn't care because he doesn't know either of them. Meanwhile this sneaky ass kid heads to a football game where Vic Stone is playing. His father is a scientific dick and never supports him. It turns out the kid is Shazam. Stone ends up getting hurt when he stupidly grabs a Motherbox and is “saved” by his dad when he is injected with all kinds of technology. He is now Cyborg.

Wonder Woman is feared by people and one guy even says she dresses like a whore. She seems to be naive to the world but it comes across as a great combination of cute and dangerous. She is pretty badass when she fights and loves it when she can actually cut loose. Eventually Darkseid shows up and shit hits the fan big time. This leads to the Justice League, or Super 7 as Shazam suggests, working together and meeting for the first time. And they are terrible! You got one half not listening, the others trying to impress Wonder Woman. Its a damned mess. This was a really cool film and I'm looking forward to more of these than those silly looking anime Marvel films.

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