Monday, February 10, 2014

Demand It!: Welcome To the Jungle

I heard about this movie Welcome To The Jungle coming out last week and I absolutely had to see it. I like ridiculous and that is exactly what this movie is. What's funny is that there are two parts within one minute using the same gag that made me jump. Scary movies don't even do that. This stars Adam Brody as Chris. He works at an advertising agency where pretty much everyone is a weirdo and he feels stuck in his position. 

This asshole Phil played by Rob Huebel who steals his pitch and everyone now thinks is a hero. Enter Jean-Claude Van Damme!

Chris and his co-workers are told that they will be going on a two day retreat on team building. JCVD plays a guy named Storm Rothchild who says he has a ton of combat and survival experience. Chris immediately pisses him off. They are all put on a cargo plane with a pilot that goes to sit with them when he boards the plane. Chris gets in trouble for smoking pot even though it was actually his friend Jared played by Eric Edelstein. They get to this wild island and Storm has them do some screaming to unleash their inner wild man. Phil kicks up his super asshole behavior to brand new levels.

Chris likes this chick named Lisa played by Megan Boone. She likes him but he isn't assertive which everyone tells him he needs to start being. Brenda played by Kristen Schall who I have an unnaturally strong attraction to screams that she saw a tiger. Storm goes to check it out and gets mauled about three times before dying. Now the team is left all alone to fend for themselves. Oh, I forgot to mention that the pilot died.

Phil decides that he should be the new leader and everyone agrees except for Chris and his friends. Chris used to be in the Cub Scouts and knows basic survival techniques. Phil claims to kill a wild boar that obviously died weeks ago and makes coffee using whatever he finds. It causes Chris and his friends to leave and Phil and his tribe to go nuts, have an orgy, and eat the fingers of one man. Phil now wants to be known as Orko and a god. Chris just wants to get back home. Mind you, this takes place over a matter of about three or four days!

This movie was way funnier than I thought it'd be. I had never seen JCVD be funny on purpose and he's really good at it. I read some reviews for this and they seem to be written by people who were expecting Apocalypse Now or something. This is a silly movie that gets funnier as it moves along. I had fun watching it.

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