Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Review: Lucifer Pilot Episode

I watched the pilot episode for the new Fox series Lucifer starring Tom Ellis. This is based off of the character of Lucifer from comics but I don't have any strong attachment to that comic or character so if he is different than in the comic books I don't know other than that his hair is not blond. Plus, I don't care if the two things are different as long as it is good. Hell, I have seen Constantine with Keanu Reeves more times than almost any movie I have ever seen. Still can't explain that. The fact that this series is on Fox makes me nervous because they have a reputation for canceling shows I actually like. Profit, Space Above And Beyond were amazing but canned. If you have no idea what I'm talking about chances are you weren't born yet.

Lucifer got tired of the bureaucracy and boredom of hell so he decided to leave. Not everyone is happy with this. He's running a club in Hollywood and enjoying the high life. He has the power to get people to tell him their deepest desires and helps them get what they want with a cost. One night after talking to a musician he helped she is gunned down. He begins to investigate her murder along with a detective named Chloe Decker played by Lauren German. She is trying to raise her daughter, not deal with her dick cop husband, and get beyond her past as a popular actress from a teen film.

I enjoyed this show quite a bit but there were some things that bothered me. Some of the acting is inconsistent. Ellis improves every scene that he is in but everyone around him seems to be “acting” while he comes across as very comfortable and natural. I can totally do without the songs used in the series as well. They are too on the nose regarding being about evil or the devil and such. I also hoped that the cop stuff would be a one off thing and he'd move on to other people in each episode. Hopefully that happens at some point. I've had enough of weird behavior having guys solving crimes.

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