Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Review: Vikings Season One

I finished watching the first season of the series from The History Channel called Vikings. Its the story of a Viking named Ragnar played by Travis Fimmel. Ragnar has a wife, son, and daughter. The son is to become a man. Ragnar wants to sail west. Earl Haraldson does not want to. Ragnar does it anyway. Ragnar finds riches. Brings a Christian priest back. The Earl keeps most the riches. Ragnar's brother is jealous. Ragnar's wife is suspicious of Ragnar's wandering eyes which are connected to his wandering dick. Ragnar continues to succeed until he doesn't. Ragnar prevails. Ragnar joins with new guy. Ragnar introduces more drama to his life. Repeat.

It took me the entire nine episode season to get into this. I'm serious. I had a slightly less hard time telling people apart than in Game Of Thrones. Not that these two shows are similar. GOT is far superior. It also does not have the charm Olympus did. For the most part its just fighting, yelling, betrayal, potential betrayal, and then more fighting. I couldn't get invested in any characters besides Floki played by ‎Gustaf SkarsgĂ„rd. I liked him. He crazy. I didn't even have to pay 100% attention to this while watching. I started the second season last night and its much better. The first episode did no waste time and I like that. I don't do grading scales for TV shows (though I probably should) but if I did I would have given season one a C+.

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