Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Review: Batman Bad Blood

There is a new Batman animated movie that caught my ass by surprise called Bad Blood. This was one of my favorite animated Batman films. The art, the story, the voices, and the animation were all on super point. Plus it has everyone and their mama in it. The story starts with Batwoman trying to stop a group of C-level Batman villains being led by this guy that looks like Batman on every form of HGH he could find. Batwoman is doing okay what with her guns and all then she starts to get her ass kicked till Batman shows up. During an explosion to save her he disappears.

The police don't know where Batman is. He isn't answering their calls. Alfred is impersonating Bruce Wayne over the phone to cover up for the fact that he is missing. He calls in Nightwing to come handle shit for a while until Bruce gets back hopefully. Damian Wayne sees what is happening on the news and comes back to help as well.

Meanwhile this big ass dude named Heretic that is working with Talia Al Ghul is wrecking folks. He kicks Nightwing dressed as Batman's ass. He kicks Damian's ass. Lucius Fox gets kidnapped and his son dons his own Batman inspired gear as Batwing. Its intense. This was one of those animated films I would have gladly seen in a theater like Batman: Sub Zero or Mask Of The Phantasm. It was that good. I know nothing of the comic it is based off of which I assume is an actual thing so I saw this with no expectations and loved it.

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